Caffe Bene Masters Dessert With Taiyaki

Caffe Bene is one of the many Korean bakeries exhibiting some deliciously sweet, summery treats that are quite irresistible. But just what exactly makes this unique looking ice-cream called Taiyaki so special?


HelloEddi travels to one of the more popular Caffe Bene locations in New Jersey in order to showcase some of their wonderful treats and splendid ice-cream flavors. Despite being a bakery, Caffe Bene is creating quite the discussion with their new Taiyaki ice-creams that feature a matcha green tea and vanilla swirl flavor, topped with pretzels, chocolate cookies, sprinkles and, to our surprise, filled with red bean or custard filling!

The ice-cream is worth every penny and is the only way to cool off during this Summer heat wave! Join in on the fun and stay tuned for more of Eddi’s latest foodie travel videos!


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