LissCode – Reinventing Korean Beauty

Korean beauty is already dominating the American market day by day, so for those who are well-informed of all the brands and products, you might wonder how it could be reinvented and become any better? 


Lisscode, a new, wonderful invention from Taiwan, is combining the beauty products of Korea with the ionic technology from Japan in order to create a hassle-free but result providing beauty routine. The iconic metal plate conductor and facial messager is used to delicately penetrate the skins deep tissues and dirty layers in order to minimize dirt, oil and provide a new, sanitized face for applying the finishing touches.

The wonderful company sent over not only their amazing cleansing product but also their innovative Snow Fungus serum which came in a wonderfully white and clean carrying pouch! HelloEddi was able to test it out and share the wonderful results! Do you want to give Lisscode a try for your next K-Beauty adventure? Let us know!

Learn more about Lisscode here –

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