What Is The K-Pop Dictionary?

Don’t be too surprised to read that there is actually a K-Pop Dictionary! Creator Woosung Kang has been researching and gathering only the best K-Pop terms, slang and idol-related phrases everyone should know when entering the world of K-Pop!


But this book isn’t just for newbies, it even holds some useful information, translations, and examples of how to use this quirky words in casual Korean conversation – making it an ultimate learning accessory for any veteran K-Pop fan! While more than 3 books have been made since its first published book back in 2016, ‘The K-Pop Dictionary’ comes back stronger than ever with an array of new worlds in their 2nd volume.

Mr. Kang was generous enough to send some our way to not only give away to fans but also review ourselves! HelloEddi decided to show off the fun-filled dictionary by finding some hilarious words and sharing his own opinions on helping to create the foreword and his feelings towards studying Korean with this book. Check out the videos and see just how easily you can learn some fun Korean phrases.


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