Gay Korean Slang You Should Know!

Like any language, the Korean language, known as Hangul (한굴), can be quite difficult to master. However, among all the trials and errors, mistakes and new linguistic adventures, there are some quirky words that entice our curiosity – that’s the beauty of slang!


Gay culture is quite hidden in Korea, and if you are not in the know you definitely feel out of the loop! Now, these words aren’t necessarily your key card into gay society but it will absolutely help you function, get by, crack jokes and stay in the know! I did a lot of digging and unearthed some wonderful slang terms that can be treasured throughout the endless nights at Homo hill or casual days at a cafe in Itaewon.

While the K-Pop Dictionary did aid us in our search for terms yet again, HelloEddi got real close, comfortable and personal for this year’s pride month and brought us only the best Korean Gay slang possible – check it out!


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