Which Korean Bakery Designs The Best Cakes?

It is practically a fact that Korea is known for making some out-of-this-world cutesy designs when decorating these aesthitically pleasing cakes. However, it isn’t all just eye candy – these bakeries pack some real flavor, too! But which one is number one for us?cake1

Paris Baguette appears to reign supreme each and every time. While there are many cafe/bakery franchises in Korea among the mom and pop shops too, Paris Baguette continues to be the apple of everyone’s eye and the name to slip through Korean’s lips when they first think of a place to purchase any cake!

Hello Eddi, who is an absolute fan of these sweet treats, didn’t waste any time to visit one of the many Paris Baguettes located in New Jersey and shared just what makes it the perfect paradise for all the cake lovers out there! Dive into the fun with his video down below~


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