Interview: Actor Terry Ahn Shares His Thoughts Of Being Related To EXID’s Hani

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be related to a K-Pop Idol? Being the brother of a famous K-Pop star isn’t all fun and games, but Terry Ahn reveals just what makes him “a proud brother” of EXID’s Hani! 


Terry took the time to speak with us and reveal his thoughts about being related to Hani, the perks that come along with it and his time devoted to being an actor in Korea.

We first wanted to know, how long have you been training to become an actor in Korea?

Terry stated, “I started in 2017 and have only been training for a little over a year now. I took personal and private lessons while also working alongside different film and production staffs. It isn’t as practical.^^” It can be easily said, Terry is born with the talent~

We went on to discuss his family’s involvement in his acting career as well. “Unlike my sister, I started without telling my parents in advance. My father was more open to the idea more than my mother. He weighed the pros and cons but supported me as long as I took responsibility for my actions. He respected my opinion. I think my mother objected because she remembers the hardships my sister Hani had to go through before becoming the idol she is today.”

Terry went on to say, “Our family doesn’t consist of any celebrities, singers or famous actors. So, we had to go through a lot of hardships with no advice. For now, it is just Hani and myself.”

However, Terry has remained persistent! He continues to garner more attention by appearing in various mind game and experimental videos that trend in Korea such as ‘Meeting 10 Ideal Dates At Once’ (이상형 10명 한번에 만나기). We wondered if these concepts are something he wanted to continue branching into or did he have his sites set for another desire?

“The reason why I wanted to participate in the romance-psychology program is that I was interested in myself – not for my acting skills or abilities to be evaluated. I believe my image and tone are a good one and people can see me personally rather than making a big impression. I think any program that you can immerse yourself in and have recognition can be helpful in its own way.”

But the real big question is, are there any perks for being related to a K-Pop celebrity? It can’t be all struggles and hardships… right, right?!

“I do not think my sister has any direct influence on me because of her K-POP activities. We share the same artistic creativity but it is a different field. She is a singer. I have always wanted to work in the arts from a young age, but I couldn’t start easily. I cannot easily say there wasn’t some sort of influence from my sister now.”


But have you ever been jealous of Hani? *Tension rising*

No. I can tell my sister, ‘I am always honored and proud of you.’ Whether as a successful singer or someone who stood up for her dreams, she is my sister and I am a proud brother. I think I was only jealous as kids when she would eat one more odd number meal than me^^; (getting the last slice of pizza, in this case!).”

So, if you’re never jealous, is it perhaps because Hani has helped your career in the long run? “No. In fact, I am a proud man and I am more desirous to not receive help from my sister and being recognized for my abilities.”


But this was the moment when Terry stated something very interesting about his sister and their unique relationship! “Being related to Hani is like a double edge sword. If you have a secret weapon, such as being related to an idol, the possibility of people noticing you is big. But I am always wary of being a person who can/will be ignored by the public eye because I won’t get recognized past my sister’s shadow.” Consider the tea spilled for this deep topic!

Soon the deep mood of the interview dwindled back into a more humorous atmosphere as we questioned if Terry ever wanted to be in a boy group himself?

“I never dreamed of being in an idol boy group. I know what I am good at and take my advantages elsewhere – I set my determination on being an actor. I have a 6-step plan that I live by:

First, never forgetting my beginning.
Second, being a humble actor.
Third, an actor who makes others feel better when they see them.
Fourth, to be satisfied with my life.
Fifth, becoming an actor recognized as talented.
Finally, becoming an actor who is recognized as Ahn Tae-hwan (Terry) Not just Hani’s brother.”

CB3A7670 copy

Truly a motivational way to live, right? Everyone should develop a special goal and plan they can follow through with in order to live their life to the fullest! That is the moral of the story here today, ladies and gents.

Before Terry said good-bye, he had one more thing he wanted to tell both his Korean and international fans. “Hello, everyone! It is actor Tae-hwan (Terry) Ahn. Thank you so much for your support and care. I have just started to work as an actor, but I will be an actor who always works hard in my projects with my passion and skill. In fact, America is the country I wanted to go to when I was young, and I have never been there before – so I hope to appear there. It is my wish to travel to the United States within a few years. ☺ In order to do that, I will become an actor who has worked hard and studied English even harder! Thank you once again and thank you for your support in the future~^^”

Want to learn more about Terry Ahn? Watch our fun video down below!


One thought on “Interview: Actor Terry Ahn Shares His Thoughts Of Being Related To EXID’s Hani

  1. Whoa I loved this interview! So well put together and he seems extremely wise. I like what he said about the double-edged sword thing. Not a lot of people think about that. Still, I do think it’s more of an advantage than not to have such relations. Otherwise, would he have gotten this interview? Probably not, but I do really like his image so far. I love when an actor is all about being relatable with a good public image than some BAM movie star or anything 🙂 very modest and humble! Both he and his sister are good kids! Thanks for sharing. I’m excited for his future projects!

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