5 Ways Asians Meet & Date In America

Asian Dating – is it as complex or unique as it seems? All cultures have their distinct rituals and methods of going about dating, but how are these things done within the close-kint community in the U.S.A?


While it may seem odd to some, there are people out there who are looking to date someone from their same cultural background or meet with someone from a culture they have interest in. Fortunately, there are 5 conventional methods that are fun to try and won’t let you come off as an ethnically fetish-obsessed person.

  1. Dating Apps!

Nowadays, there are lots of dating apps that help people meet. Whether it is for a lusty, in-the-moment sort of fling or something meant to last a lifetime, dating apps such as EastMeetEast help create a platform for people to get together. The app has over half a million members and features a dynamic filtering system to pinpoint the perfect match. It even has a live streaming feature for certified users!

Other fun methods including the following tips down below! If you want to learn more about these fun methods alongside some hilarious experiences, check out our sponsored video down below and learn about Asian Dating Culture in America.

2. Cafe & Meetups

3. Clubbing / Sogetting (소개팅)

4. Language Exchange & Study Groups

5. After Parties / Concerts

***Disclaimer*** This is not a video encouraging stereotypical dating or methods. We do not encourage stalking or any sort of harassing/dangerous behavior for meeting someone. We do not encourage the fetishism of Asian males or females but promote the recognition of equality in dating and interracial relationships.***

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