How & Why Korean Men Use Makeup

Looking and feeling good isn’t something that is just for women. In South Korea, men play a huge role in sales within the makeup industry as they often use various makeup products. For Korean men, appearance is everything and there is no feminine barrier in the way of achieving that perfect look!


In our latest video, not only do we showcase some awesome Korean products from brands such as The Yeon, The Face Shop and Tony Moly but we also show some unique methods of how to utilize the makeup effectively. After working with an influencer who has worked with K-Drama beauty stylists, Eddi learns what is K-Beauty!


See how Eddi masters men’s makeup in our video! You can also browse through the helpful (and lengthy!) list of Korean Beauty products down below! Be sure to click the images for a direct link to the products!!

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco SPF 50+

Eddi always recommends safety for one’s skin! The Face Shop’s SPF line is perfect at doing just that while also providing some subtle coverage~~

Tips Eddi recommends is to always moisturize your face after shaving and before applying makeup. A face mask from Innisfree is a sure-fire way to get the job done^^

Don’t have time for a face mask? Nature Republic’s and Innisfree’s Aloe makes the perfect moisturizer while also nourishing the skin! While you can apply an adequate amount to the face, it is popular to do an Aloe sitting mask these days. Create a thick layer of Aloe to apply over the face – DO NOT rub it in – let it sit on the face to cool before patting it dry.

For men, eyebrows are a real key-point in mastering a clean, quality look. If you need to touch them up, it is easy to go along the cheaper route and use these products by Elf.

Lastly, you can use various chapsticks or tinted lip balms to keep your lips looking supple and helping to add some final color into your new look. Eddi recommends visiting the KA Lip care site if you want more variety, but for faster shipping try Amazon!

That concludes Eddi’s K-Beauty makeup routine! Ready to see more fabulous ways to use Korean makeup? Be sure to check out the YouTube page for more amazing videos!

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