The End of An Era – DramaFever Shuts Down

It’s about to be two months since the well-known and established video-streaming service, DramaFever, had shut down unexpectedly.


However, we can’t help but look back and wonder how and why? What can we do now without our main source of Asian (mainly K-Drama) goodness? Back in October, the message of apologies plagued everyone’s internet screen. “Thank you for nine great years,” it read. The site had abruptly halted their social media over the weekend and immediately shut down their servers and channels that following week.

Many worried if there was a licensing issue – was it becoming too costly to maintain? Some fans even pointed fingers at Netflix, putting the blame on the popularity-hungry multi-national video service for entering the K-Drama market forcefully. Although many fans were delighted by the idea of Netflix starting a Korean Variety show a year back, not they feel the power-house service is taking over smaller video sites that are solely dedicated to all dramas – popular or not.


After doing some digging, the real problem lies with Warner Bros. and AT&T. In an attempt to break into the market and better their finances, AT&T bought out the service from Warner Bros. Warner Bros. has been noted by many for not have a clue about how to handle such a large Korean-based audience since the first took the reigns at DramaFever. The company has since focused on creating more high-budget, quality films such as “Illang, The Wolf Brigade” (based on the Japanese animated film) featuring great Korean stars such as  Han Hyo-jooGang Dong-WonChoi Min-ho

But what can we do now that DramaFever has come to an end? Watch our video below to learn more about why the site is gone and who (or what sites) we can turn too in our time of drama need! Stay strong, everyone and thank you DramaFever for all the years of joy, laughter and tears (can’t forget the tears!!)~

Since the time of this video and article, there have been no updates to DramaFever’s original servers, platforms, or revival of content. The site remains in-active and no further stories or truths have been revealed.

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