10 K-Pop Dating/Breakup Songs For Emotional Playlists

K-Pop songs aren’t just always consisting of flashy styles, out-of-this-world sets, and nonsensical lyrics – every so often we get a song with a lot of impactful meaning!


Whether you are in love like a new couple on their first Valentine’s Day date or suffering from the heartbreak of a recent breakup, these 10 songs will be the perfect addition to any love-filled playlist. Depending on your mood, this amazing K-Pop playlist will either bring some hope or fill the void of despair each and every time you listen.

For the Lovers:

1. AOA Jimin & EXO Xiumin – “Call You Bae”

Now do not let this catchy song’s sweet title fool you – the song definitely contains some hidden innuendos for some racy conversation topics (mainly Jimin’s lyrics before the main chorus!) The main reason I chose this song is because of the fluttery, filtered nature of it all. It creates a rather smitten atmosphere both lyrically and visually for budding new lovers.

2. B1A4 – “Sweet Girl”

“Sweet Girl” by the lovely balled-power group B1A4 is the kind of melt-your-heart, sweep you off your feet melody we were all looking for! The highs and lows of the tempo flowing alongside the delicate vocals make this song more than charming.

3. Stellar – “Fool”

This song deserves to be highlighted because it was SO underrated! “Fool” purely describes the silly way we live, breath and fall in love with one another. The song playfully pokes jabs at the first tingly sensation of love we are unfamiliar with in a unique, synthetic-jazz way. The song is really easy on the ears!

For The Bad-Bad Breakups: 

4. Day6 – “Congratulations”

The boys wowed us all when they debut with this alternative track. The song is more like a story as it highlights the sweet beginning that fell apart tragically before a young couple. In the end, all you can do is let them walk away, live your life, and wish them the best in whatever mess they find themselves in – you might be better off that way.

5. Girl’s Day – “Nothing Last Forever”

Because nothing truly does last forever, right? This dynamic song revives the old cliche and speaks the truth in more ways than one. The lyrics are straight-forward in the sense of calling out how a relationship fails through one’s excuses, dodging and half-hearted behaviors. Not to mention the electric-guitar beat just adds to the badass feeling, overall!

6. Boyfriend – “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Ever break up with someone but still find yourself caring and wanting them back so badly? Boy group Boyfriend play on that concept by showing their frustration with a girl who leaves and pretends to love them just the same. Sometimes you might be looking at someone from the outside as the problem, but the relationship itself was a problem, to begin with.

Interested in hearing the rest of the songs recommended on this playlist? Check out the fun video below!

Let us know which song sparked your interest the most and you considered adding to your playlist! Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments here or on YouTube as well! Happy listening~

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