Interview: Justin Park’s Music + Tour With f(x) Amber

The latest buzz in the K-Pop community has been circling around the independence of a lot of idols and their careers lately – including artists who are rising from the ground up in the less traditional way such as Grazy Grace and now Justin Park!


Justin Park debuted a little over a year ago and is already making waves after his successful promotions with Amber of f(x) during her ‘Gone Rogue’ tour! His YouTube channel has become a growing outlet for his fans and he releases various covers and artistic music videos colored in his image. Luckily, Justin Park had enough time during the enjoyable chaos to sit and talk all about his experiences and the certified artist he has matured into.

Feel free to watch the fun video below that includes a heartfelt fan message from Justin himself before jumping right into the interview!

  1. Your debut happened a little over a year ago – how have you grown since then? Any drastic changes to your self or music?
  • “I think that the most major thing that I’ve gained this past year is simply maturity. There’s a lot that I’ve seen and a lot of great experiences I’ve been exposed to. I’ve learned to think and say no to what I must, and say yes to opportunities that make me speculate — opportunities that I may have taken a closed-minded perspective with initially.”
  1. Was K-Pop involved in any of your inspiration to pursue music or was there something different fueling your passion?
  • “I always thought that having K-pop as an alternative to American pop music was a lovely idea because I’d feel a bit suffocated by some of the similar songs that would be on my playlist. So from time to time, I’d listen to a lil bit of K-pop!”
  1. Will you ever stay in Korea to pursue your dreams or does your vision belong in the U.S.A?
  • “There is a time and place for everything. And for me, in my present state, I know that I belong here in America. Why go anywhere else? This is where I call home. This is where all my friends are. Let me kill it here, and expand. That’s what’s going on right now, so why stop something great? ;)”


  1. What was it like working with veteran idol f(x) Amber? How did you get the opportunity to tour with her and what did you learn?
  • “Amber’s a beast, bro, let me just say that, first and foremost. I remember posting something super heartfelt about her, maybe just a little bit before the tour, but all of that is just the tip of the iceberg of how thankful I am to her for having me a part of all this. The songwriting, the music videos, the tour, for an amazing friendship, and sisterly love. Amber is a real superstar. Never sleeps, never gives up, and always uplifts the team. Go llamas 😢” (Heartfelt tear)
  1. Describe Jay Park in one word?
  • “GoodForYouBroKeepGoing.”
  1. Would you ever appear on ‘Show Me The Money’ and who would you want to rap against?
  • justinpark2“If I feel it necessary at any point in time in my career, which I do not currently feel… maybe? I would do it only to destroy everyone on the show and really showcase my freestyle and quick songwriting abilities. I’d also love to be under the spotlight to showcase my performance ability. I’m not quite sure who I’d want to “rap” against.”
  1. If you had any animal, like how f(x) Amber is a llama, to represent you what would it be?
  • “Ah, this is a hard question. I’m no good at questions like this, but if I had to answer quickly, with little to no thought, I’d say maybe an elephant, because elephants are quickly going extinct, and society needs to pay attention. I want my children to walk this earth knowing that elephants exist.”


  1. What is your workout routine like – because you’re basically a hunk to the fans (they love your thighs)!
  • “I used to squat a lot (shout-out Serro Park my trainer), thus the thick thighs., but I workout 5-6 times a week, with some weeks being a little less consistent, and every day working a different part of the body, only to avoid exhaustion and overwork. I really do enjoy working out, and anything physical, really. I have a lot of energy, and to be able to control myself properly, I believe that every morning should consist of a burst of activity.”
  1. Any words for other inspiring artists and creatives out here?
  • “Dude. Just kill it. Be creative, and don’t let anybody stop you, but be teachable. Find a mentor who you really respect, and learn as much as you can. Save yourself years of struggle and learn. But, don’t ever forget that you have an opinion, a thought process, and ideas of your own. You may very well be the next Michael Jackson. Get it, guys.”

Well, that’s a rap (get it?)! Thank you, Justin Park, for unveiling all of your thoughts and aspirations. As an artist, the potential is there and will only continue to grow! The final question/answer really stood out the most as it brings a comforting light to anyone with a creative pursuit!

Be sure to check out Justin’s most recent song down below and be sure to subscribe! Expect to see more artist interviews soon~


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