2NE1 Members Reunite For ‘Spring’ in Park Bom’s New MV

Despite all the sad news and scandals running amock in the K-Pop scene recently, fans can feel a wave of nostalgia as two of 2NE1’s famous members join together in the release of a new (and long awaited) song.

Member Park Bom, who had been out of the spotlight for quite some time due to a drug scandal involving anxiety medication which was illegal in Korea and brought overseas, has released her self-titled song “Spring” today featuring member Sandara Park – and just in time for the lovely season, too!


The MV opens up to Bom elegantly sitting front and center in a white gown with a flowing train as she gazes into the scenery. The song carries a rhythmically pleasing slow melody that consists of strong piano notes overlaying repetitious yet steady drums and snare based instrumentals as Bom carries the tune of ‘Lovely Spring’ with each chorus. Take a moment to listen to this comforting yet uplifting song below!

As always, her voice rises above the melody and consumes you alone and it feels quite reminiscent of many other 2NE1 songs in both sound and MV visuals. Sandara Park’s voice is a refreshing listen and is what adds that bonus point of nostalgia in each in every way. The gospel-inspired cooing alongside the enchanting R&B beat makes the song easily addictive. Park Bom looks as stunning as ever and her backup dancers emphasize her beauty effortlessly.

What did you think of Park Bom’s release? Share your thoughts down below!

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