Interview: YouTuber Wengie Shares Her Experiences Working With K-Pop Composers


Wendie Ayche (Wengie for short!) is the beloved Chinese-Australian YouTuber who we have grown to love over the past 9 years! With various videos under her belt, Wengie’s music career has earned her a lot of recognition among K-Pop fans. If you aren’t already familiar with her, it is time to see her MVs and learn how she blends in the K-Pop scene!

Wengie released her first single back in 2017 with “Baby Believe In Me” in China. She then released her first English song “Cake” a year later in July. Now her latest video “Lace Up” involves her working alongside composers and lyricists such as Melanie Fontana, who is famous for creating many hit songs for groups such as BTS and newly debuted boy group TXT.Rowan Daly 2

Keep reading and see what Wengie had to say about her YouTube career and time in the music limelight!

I was able to greet Wengie with delight and could feel her enthusiasm jumping through in every way! She was even kind enough to leave a sweet message for us that you can watch down below~

1. Wengie, you’re a woman of multiple talents and maintain a channel with endless content. You even recently tried ASMR! Can you tell us about the content and which is your favorite to create?

“ASMR was actually pretty fun to shoot surprisingly! It was my first time doing it and there is something relaxing about whispering everything!! But my most favorite videos to make are music videos!! 🙂 It’s so much fun to play with concepts with crazy equipment and sets I normally wouldn’t be able to do!”


2. Was there ever a video you didn’t expect to become so popular? If so, which one was it?

“It would have to be my first Chinese Music Video “Oh I Do”. It was in a completely different language uploaded on my very old music channel where I used to do singing and dancing covers and surprisingly it was sooo popular! It’s actually still the most viewed music video on my music channel. Fun fact to make that video we shot for 24 hours… straight!! It was well worth it, though!”

(As someone who also makes music videos, I respect Wengie and totally get the grind and endless effort that goes into it!)

3. You seem to know the best trends to start and follow, can you predict any trends you think you want to start or try in 2019?

“I guess I know the trends because I literally watch so much YouTube personally!! So when I see something fun that I want to be a part of I just make a video trying it out or doing my own spin on it!! 🙂 I think that’s the best way to create content! The funny thing about trends is you never know what’s going to be popular on YouTube, it is always a random thing!! However, I’ve recently enjoyed making animated story time videos! It’s a new format and I had so much fun making the first one telling my story of how I was so shy as a child.”


4. What made you get into music? Is there any Asian genre or artists that inspired your concept, look, and style?

“I’ve always loved music since I can even remember. It’s something that really brought me out of my shell! I was always really shy and didn’t know how to express myself, but music really allowed me to do that and made me feel alive! I didn’t learn to play any instruments growing up (my parents couldn’t afford the lessons) but realized the best instruments are the ones you were born with, your body and your voice!!! 🙂 I have a diverse range of inspirations and styles and used to listen to C-Pop, J-pop and K-pop, of course! I’m really loving the K-Pop trends now including what BLACK PINK and ITZY are doing – it’s super ‘girl crush’ style but my love will always be HyunA, she’s so sassy and confident. Definitely my girl crush~ :)”itzybp

5. I personally loved your song “Deja Vu,” as well as “Oh I Do” – do you think you will continue making these synthetic-pop, love-oriented songs or try shaking things up with a new style anytime soon?

“My core love is always fun, happy, bright music that makes you feel good and want to dance in your room, but I have a new song coming out April 20th that’s really different and I’m so excited to share it with everyone! It’s a collaboration with Filipino artist Inigo Pascual (who has the most viewed Tagalog music video on YouTube!) and it sounds sooo different but in a good way!! ;)”

(Don’t forget to check out Wengie’s New Video Here!)

6. You have released a lot of English songs lately. Do you prefer singing more in English or Chinese?

“I love both! Chinese has the added challenge of being so foreign (ironically) to me but I’m so blessed to have been able to learn my mother tongue. Well one of them I spoke Cantonese growing up and my songs are in Mandarin, however, I still find singing in English to be more fun because I know the language already. I can concentrate on showing more style/emotion which is something I’m continually trying to improve. When you sing in another language you’re not familiar with most of your concentration is spent on just getting the words right!”Rowan Daly 1

(This is so relevant and true… Our idols work hard for us!)

7. Are there any special producers or composers and even videographers that work with you on your musical career and projects often? Perhaps, you’re the one writing all of the lyrics and creating the overall concepts/fashion?

“I’m really blessed to have worked with an all-star team! Melanie Fontana is the mastermind behind hits from BTS “Euphoria” and now TXT “Crown” alongside her husband. I can’t forget the amazing producer, Lindgren, as well who is so fun to work with! Also, I’ve worked on a new song coming up with David Amber who produced “Yes or Yes” and “Heartshaker” for TWICE, so I’m so excited to share that as well!!

I’ve worked with some amazing directors and videographers, Jared Lee for my first 2 singles “Cake” and “Deja Vu” as well as Austin Saya for “Lace Up.” But my proudest moment will probably be wholly shooting and producing “Ugly Christmas Sweater” with our own in-house team and my partner Max editing the whole thing! Our first time taking on a whole music video project ourselves was incredibly challenging but when it hit #1 trending on YouTube in the USA, as well as trending in 4 other countries, it was well worth it! Of course, I did the styling myself (For Ugly Christmas Sweater and Lace Up) – that’s the most fun part! The not so fun part was painting every single present box you saw at the back of the set in our living room while my cats ran around getting paint on themselves XD.”

8. Tell me about ‘Lace Up’ – do you think this is an entirely new concept for you or something familiar? Is there anything you changed or tried differently with this song’s overall sound and concept?

“‘Lace Up’ is more storyline based and the first time I had an all influencer/music artist cast! It was extremely fun working with friends from YouTube like Matt Steffanina, Rebecca Zamolo, Cloe Cotour, Jun Curry Ahn and Susie Meow and other amazing musical artists and producers like Jessica Reynoso (new singer for the Black Eyed Peas), Sharlene an amazing Latina artist, and finally Shawn Wasabi and David Amber who I’m working  with on future projects!”

Now, as much as we love to hear all about Wengie’s hard work, who could resist getting a little more personal with such an amazing person? Read more and see what makes Wengie the unique individual she is~

9. If you could join any K-Pop group, which would it be?

“It would probably be TWICE since they seem to have so much fun together and they usually stay away from drama and controversy which is what I’m about!! Just want to have fun and work hard!”

10. What is your favorite song currently? If it isn’t a K-Pop song, what is your favorite K-Pop song as well?

“I go through so many favorite song phases but right now “Dalla Dalla” is stuck in my head!”


11. Do you think you’ll ever make a song about unicorns since you’re obsessed with them? What kind of lyrics would you make?

“I feel like I talk about unicorns everywhere so I’m all Unicorn’ed out (is that a word?)!! I want to write more songs about self-confidence, love, heartbreak, and life in general!! :)”

There you have it, everyone – now you know the ins and outs of the lovely Wengie… well, at least a lot more than you did before! From her wonderfully fun music career to her hopes and desires, Wengie continues to share a rainbow of positivity in so many pleasant ways!

Don’t forget to check out Wengie’s latest release “Lace Up” above and mark your calendars for her upcoming release! It is gunna be big! Be sure to enjoy Wengie’s shoutout message to fans in our video down below~

PC: Rowan Daly



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