Can’t Go To KCON? Join Our Livestream!

We get it – KCON can get expensive. From the conventions and the food to the concerts, idol engagements and merchandise alone – it is a hefty blow on any fan’s wallet. 


However, thanks to today’s modern technology and applications, there is a way to join in on ALL (yes, I mean all) the fun without spending a dime! Thanks to EastMeetEast, the exclusive online dating app for Asians, now anyone can join in on the fun by watching Eddi’s exclusive KCON live stream event!

Eddi, who is an active streamer on EastMeetEast along with the other hundreds of streamers that share creative exciting content each and every day, will be hosting his very own special KCON live stream with over 5 hours of unique content!

Join Eddi at KCON NY on July 6th and 7th as he tours the convention, plays mini-games, joins panelists, a sneak peek of the K-Pop Idol Red Carpet event, the concert opening, and much, much more!

If you don’t know how ‘Live Stream’ works, it is quite simple! Simply search for EastMeetEast in your app store or Google Play (or click the links above!). Once downloaded, you have access to the Live Stream and can click on the camera icon (live tab) and scroll through the individual streamers until you find Hello_Eddi. Once there you can click and enjoy the show! Don’t forget to check out our event page for more updates and live photo posts.


Eddi will be going live variously throughout the day so stay tuned for his daily updates. Don’t forget, on Live Stream you can gift streamers! If you want Eddi to ask certain questions to panelists and idols, meet certain artists, film certain events or try different things, EastMeetEast encourages viewers to send a diamond and comment on the stream – your requests will be considered and done~ Download the app now and see what else you can enjoy before KCON!


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