9 Insanely Odd Ingredients in Korean Skincare (2019)

Korean skincare only continues to evolve and as the popularity continues to grow so does the ever-expanding list of ingredients. 

Now I can go on forever about the unique types of Korean face masks, product benefits, and my love for the now so common use of ingredients like snail mucus and fermented broccoli essence, but this list is meant to make your head tilt, entice your curiosity, and continue your ability to question just how crazier Korean products continue to get! The farther you read, the crazier it becomes. Let’s start~

1. Donkey’s Milk


If you’ve dug deep enough into the K-Beauty world then you may have stumbled upon the excessive usage of dairy products. Koreans show no limit for milk or where they get it from! Donkey Milk is widely popular simply due to its restorative and nourishing properties – especially for those with eczema. Don’t be a donkey, and try it before you knock it.

2. Creamcheese


If you thought the ingredient alone was strange, the description is even more intense. Meant to represent the firm and chewy texture of mozzarella cheese, the heavy creamy base of these ingredients is supposed to completely hold moisture and firm the skin. The products optimize the natural protein and are usually combined with Whey as well.

3. Bee Venom


Why anyone would think putting poison on your face is a good idea is beyond me. Believe it or not, Bee venom is anaphylactic, so it can temporarily relax your facial muscles. It isn’t about the nourishing honey, it is about the tightening of the cells! Cling on to your youth and make crazy decisions again!

4. Alginate (Rubber Mask)


Ever see those disturbing baby face rubber masks laying around Korean beauty shops? Don’t be afraid and pick up a bottle next time! The DIY mask kit is quite the experience as you become your own cosmetologist and mix up powders and essence to create a film for your face. Alginate is an ingredient that is derivative of kelp and congeals when mixed with water – hence the rubber! We can’t use real rubber… can we?

5. Tofu


I know soy is good for you and a delicious treat, but I never thought of leaving it on my face to ferment! Being widely popular in Japan, the product and popular ingredient has crept into Korean beauty territory. The silken tofu protein prevents anti-aging and gathers vitalizing oils back into the skin which keeps it strong and plump!

6. Vampire (Blood) Mask


Why put fruits on veggies on your face when you can just bath in the fountain of youth – the essence of human life itself, blood! Yes, blood. Now don’t think you’re getting a pint of O+ blood in the mail. This is actually a dermatology procedure done by doctors to revive your skin. In short, it is microdermabrasion alongside PRP (platelet-rich plasma) that stimulates skin-cell recovery. (Google the photos for yourself)

7. Flower Jelly


Forget flower boys, give me flower jelly! This is more of a visual appealing ingredient than effective (In my opinion) as the lipstick product contains a clear crystalized jelly with whole chunks of rich, scented flowers. Your lips will be smooth and smell like a garden of inviting aromas.

8. Bubble Tea (BOBA)


I love bubble tea – enough to probably put it on my own face. But before doing that, get this product first! It isn’t an actual bubble tea liquid we suggest massaging into your skin, but the cutely themed product mimics all the unique flavors (mainly green and milk teas) bubble tea has to offer for another fun experience!

9. French Wine


When in France, right? Get a feel of fancy as you explore this vineyard of lip tint shades and flavors. The tints are each made from a specific French wine that offers different pigments and scents. Now the real question is if it is alcohol-free?

Did you enjoy this list? Honestly, if you have seen anything crazier, I doubt it and demand you inbox me these items so I can be beyond surprised! If you want to see some more fun Korean beauty products (including K-Beauty store tours!!) check out my video down below!

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