7 Ways To Celebrate Pepero (Pocky) Day + Games With Pepero

Yay! It is here ~ it is finally Pepero (Pocky) Day! By chance, if you aren’t aware of this holiday by now, then you are in for a real treat (total pun intended). Even if you are a few days late, it is never too late to enjoy some Pepero!


Pepero (a popular thin biscuit coated in chocolate which is popular all around Asia and also known as Pocky in Japan) is a popular snack that has been around since 1983 but was invented by Glico, a Japanese company, in 1966. It was soon rebranded by Lotte in South Korea and it is believed that Pepero Day (which is celebrated on November 11th of every year) was created by the company to increase sales as well!

If you want to learn more about Pepero’s history, scroll down now! Otherwise, enjoy the many fabulous ways myself and others reinvented the way we use (mainly eat) Pepero!



Pancakes are one of the most flexible breakfast foods to ever exist as almost anything can be added to them – including Pepero (Pocky). Simply dice or crumble your Pepero in the packaging and before adding your pancake mix into the hot pan, generously spread some into the mix. Once your pancake is done, a delicious Pepero is in every bite! I recommend fun flavors like almond, cookies and cream, and even strawberry! I even found waffle versions (as you can see in the photo above)!



Milkshakes are already enjoyable but can definitely get even better! Adding Pepero into the mix (literally) is just one way to enjoy the delicious ice-cream flavors! Including Pepero crumble bits on top or having the flavored sticks reaching out from the whip-cream is not only enjoyable to eat but also to see!



Honesty, we tend to forget that Pepero is a simple snack. Just a chocolate-covered biscuit. But if we dip it into some boiling milk, we get the sweet pure chocolate essence of Pepero. As it slides right off the biscuit, a few sticks will create the hot chocolate of your dreams.



I get it – you’re still trying to stay healthy. However, don’t let it stop your Pepero day shenanigans! Try dicing or crushing up some fun flavors like strawberry, nude, or even matcha green tea and drop it into your favorite go-to yogurt! You won’t regret this flavor-texture combo~ The image above shows one Japanese YouTuber mixing lemon pocky and yogurt together!



Now for the games! Pepero isn’t just for eating – it can stimulate a lot of fun games to play with others as well. For one, if you’re looking to enjoy Pepero on your most wild of nights, this simple drinking game will get things started. Break one or two Pepero sticks shorter than the other and start drawing them from another’s hand. The unfortunate winner of the shortest snack stick will be drinking the most that night. Have some fun with the penalties – I know I do!



This challenge is, perhaps, a little dangerous, so fair warning! I have witnessed some brave YouTubers count how many sticks of Pepero they could fit in their mouth. If you have ever been curious about what your lover’s mouth can do (or even your own) go for it – just don’t sue me.



If choking on a Pepero stick isn’t in the stars for you, try having more simple fun and seeing how many things you can pick up with Pepero while using them as chopsticks. If they break, you lose! It is honestly fun to have a popcorn-eating race with these bad boys, too! Just don’t snap them in half~


OK – BONUS CONTENT! This one I didn’t invent in the slightest but it could not go unmentioned. There are many people who have failed to see the homoerotic compilations of Pepero eating challenges and I must encourage… I mean… share… the love! Yes. That’s it! Let’s go with that~ Don’t forget, Pepero comes in many unique flavors, so get creative!

So, which challenge will be on your to-do list this year? Share some new challenges you can think of in the comments below and do not forget to let us know which ones you’ll try!


The sweet snack doesn’t come without a dark chocolatey past (couldn’t resist)! Glico claimed that Lotte stole the concept of Pocky but since there was no distribution of the snack in Korea, it was found to be free of any copyright claims. It was labeled as a Korean-branded snack. Pocky or Pepero, you chose your poison, baby.

Now, what is Pepero Day? Every 11th of November, couples, and friends celebrate by giving each other boxes of Pepero since the two 11s found in the date resemble the long thin sticks. Some believe it brings good fortune, happiness and even represents a good diet with girls gossiping how they will become as skinny as these tasty sticks!

In Korea, it is a big deal! In the states, you simply hear about it and head on over to your local Asian grocery store and celebrate quietly among friends. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have an Asian shopping center like H-Mart that is kicking things into gear – I don’t know.

Here, they go all out! From giant stuffed Pepero dolls, cartoon character dolls attached to boxes, gift baskets, giant box sets, and even kiosk-like tents in front of stores dedicated to selling 2+1 shopping deals for various flavors can be seen honestly on every corner. Almost every street was littered in Pepero oriented content and I was loving it! Just don’t expect any day-after holiday sales. Things just continue on in the hustle and bustle life of Korea with Pepero simply being stocked into a back shelf awaiting their next buyer. In the end, Pepero is loved and eaten all year round, so enjoy Pepero Day as much as you want! Hope you enjoyed the article and let me know which fun things you try with your friends or lover next year~


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