San-E Garners Interest With The Debut of A New Rap Group

Many people are familiar with K-Pop rapper San-E who has lent his vocals for hit songs like “Story of Someone I Know,” “Me You” and “Mid-Summer’s Night Dream.” Now, under FameUs, San E is promoting with a new hip hop group.

In the underground rap scene, San E has held quite a few shows all across Korea, showcasing some of his still strong-standing rap skills alongside newer artists. However, do not be fooled – FameUs is actually the label name of San E’s latest company venture. Although people have mistaken it to be a group name with San E participating as a member, FameUs is producing and promoting these fierce rappers alongside San E’s content and more with an album set for release on April 9th, 6:00pm KST.

The lineup consists of young talent with powerful lyrics in mind.  Check out their photos and bio down below.



Errday is one of the more experienced rappers as he has spent some time releasing and creating music on his own and with San E. He released an album titled ‘Live’ (살아) and with “Chocolate” being a crowd favorite among others. He has been promoting at various events in Seoul and even held his own showcase event to further promote his album.

Errday’s music often reflects life struggles, freedom of expression and his personal attitude blended with today’s popular rap melodies. Errday, similar to Malkey, also boasts a memorable style with his mullet-long hair and darker fashion trends.



Malkey, who also goes by Malkey The Naked Bay, is known for his outrageous styles down to his Hongdae-esque fashion trends up to the colorful hairstyles that seem to keep changing quite often. Although you could consider him more of a visual persona, his rap skills and charisma on the stage will be even more attention-grabbing than his sense of style.

According to an interview appearance he did as a guest on a popular Korean Rap guest channel, he goes by Malkey because during his time at Namgo High School he said his friends referred to him as a horse (mal means horse in Korean) when they saw him taking a shower. Let’s leave that up to the imagination!


beo solo1

BE’O may appear a bit humble and gentle but on stage, his wild energy is bound to break free. He goes by BE’O because it was a given name that he wanted to standby. BE’O is definitely a fresh face to the rap game but that doesn’t make him weak – he is simply full of fresh ideas and heartfelt raps that he is ready to reveal.

Want to learn more about San-E and the artists? Check out one of their recent YouTube secret guest interviews down below!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the release of their full-length album on April 9th at 6:00PM KST.


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