K-Pop Idols Who Perfectly Resemble Final Fantasy Characters

With the latest remake of the historic and classic RPG Final Fantasy 7 (which, let’s face it, is probably the greatest RPG on the Sony Playstation platform of all time), news of the game’s remastered clips alongside character and storyline changes have delighted fans!  Perhaps these idols who are Final Fantasy character look-alikes will tickle your fancy too!

Now, some of the idols match the characters’ either due to their unbelievably game-like hairstyles, unique fashion sense or overall facial features! Enjoy the fun list down below and leave a comment if you know some other video game look-alikes among K-Pop idols!

Monsta X Wonho – Cloud Strife

Honestly, we can easily see that Wonho has the mercenary look, all the ripped muscles, and that rugged style of Cloud down to a T! He even sports some blonde hair which has been spiked up for a few stages! The resemblance? I’d say totally uncanny! 

NU’EST Ren – Tifa Lockhart  

I honestly wasn’t expecting a male K-Pop idol to PERFECTLY match Tifa as much as Ren does but hey, the combat boot fits! Even their identical photo poses, earrings and hair parts are just blowing my mind.

Lovelyz Yoo Jiae – Aerith Gainsborough

Lovelyz’s Yoo Jiae really emulates Aerith’s sweet, gentle and light-hearted nature! Their purity stands out among others plus their strikingly similar hair-style and clothing make them quite the match. Yoo Jiae should seriously consider a cosplay!

JYJ JaeJoong – Vincent Valentine 

JYJ’s Jaejoong is known for rocking some crazy hairstyles that it would be a crime if he didn’t appear on any anime/game-related list! Jaejoong suits Vincent Valentine not only because of his heavy gothic looks but also the similar cold, solemn expressions and aura surrounding them.

Red Velvet Seulgi – Yuffie Kisaragi

Red Velvet’s Seulgi has a narrow and sharp face and rather tough yet skinny frame but holds a lot of energy and charisma underneath that tough exterior! Similar to Yuffie herself, they both have a cheerful nature at heart and can’t resist making other’s smile with their actions.

Seventeen Jeonghan – Sephiroth 

Seventeen’s Jeonghan is a go-to guy when it comes to comparing idols to characters. Despite his more charming features in comparison to Sephiroth’s sinister one, they both exude that perfectly pale skin and long silver hair that creates an elegant air about them.

Super Junior – Zack Fair

Let’s face it, all of the Super Junior member’s during their debut days looked like Zack Fair at some point due to their outrageous hair styles. We all want to look away and forget, but every so often these listicles just help these photos resurface all over again! Which member do you think perfectly matches Zack?

Bonus – Big Bang T.O.P. – A Chocobo

Do I need to say more? Total CHOCOBO! If only we could ride the other one…

Hope you enjoyed this Final Fantasy inspired list! Don’t forget to share your favorite ones with friends or in the comments down below!


4 thoughts on “K-Pop Idols Who Perfectly Resemble Final Fantasy Characters

  1. Hello Eddi!
    Since K/DA I have been interested in how some idols would translate over as video game characters. There is one error-the picture you posted of Monsta X’s Hyungwon is actually Wonho.
    Otherwise, this was a really fun post to read!

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading a being a fan of Kpop and gaming! Also ahhh my knowledge and Google have failed me! Thanks for the correction! I fixed it and will not let you down next time~ 🙂

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