This Girl Group Made The Real ‘TT Dance’ Before TWICE

Yes, you read correctly – there was an original “TT Dance” before TWICE went ahead and took charge of the phenomenon.

There are a few veteran K-Pop fans, such as myself, who remember a certain girl group that told us to “Get over your sorrow” and “TT Dance” your way to happiness!

The year was 2009 when girl group HAM (Heart and Mind) released a fun, punk-rock track by the name of “TT Dance” and honestly, their refreshing J-Pop-esque style was enjoyable. Granted, TWICE’s dance is more charming and memorable, you have to give credit where credit is due! Check out their rough and rowdy MV down below and see what I’m talkin’ about!

With the energetic dance, rise in tempo, and noticeably cute chorus, it is easy to almost instantly fall in love with HAM’s rocker style! Also, I live for the fact that “TT Dance” sounds a lot like “Titty Titty Dance” – which makes it a winning phrase to keep on repeating in my book. So, what do you think? Is TWICE’s “TT” still the queens of helping us get over our sadness or did you experience some newfound happiness with HAM’s lively melody? Either way, both songs are fun and I enjoy the unique charm of each one when it is needed! Can’t forget my girls, HAM, though – it is what it is!

Check out TWICE’s “TT” one more time for fun and comparison!

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