Lady Gaga Collaborates With Black Pink in ‘Sour Candy’

The hype surrounding Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ‘Chromatica’ continues to grow as the tracklist was recently leaked and showcases a feature alongside Black Pink!

Lady Gaga has been known to be a lover of K-Pop for quite some time ever since she showed interest in Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” back in 2013! Lady Gaga went as far as to even feature Crayon Pop as an opening act during her tour at that time!


Fans of the eccentric diva and K-Pop alike are highly anticipating the powerful sound will have alongside the girls. The song titled “Sour Candy” is the 10th track on the list as shown on the album cover. Black Pink debuted back in 2016 and the album was recorded during 2017-2020 so fans speculate that the song was made sometime shortly after their debut!

Fans also wonder if Lady Gaga would invite or include Black Pink on any of her future performances after the effects of Corona Virus die down. What do you think of this new comeback? Stay tuned for a review in the near future!

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