You Can’t End Quarantine Without Watching These K-Dramas

Let’s face it – we are going to be in quarantine (or as I like to call it, Quarantina!) for quite some time. So, instead of whining about boredom, enjoy your precious health and either pick up a new hobby or make it your hobby to finish off these must-see K-Dramas!

This list definitely reflects the opinions of the author alongside critic reviews and overall fans’ perception. Be sure that only the best have been recommended and are available either on Netflix or Hulu! But before you dive in, don’t forget to try something new during quarantine and stay healthy with our friends at CHOOM CHOOM– the virtual K-Pop dancing game (think Just Dance, but better!).

‘Reply 1994’

A classic series that launched the overall popularity and acting careers of many idols in Korea such as B1A4’s Baro and Girl’s Day Hyeri. The beauty of this drama is that it is, in fact, a series take part in different time periods. Each series revolves around a unique group of people set in their time that come together and successfully highlight the desirable human bonds we all share and yearn to experience in life.

‘Mister Trot’

Right now, ‘Mister Trot’ has become quite a trend in South Korea. With the handsome men taking over the country by storm, the old-fashion singing style of Trot is redefined and comes to life with the refreshing visuals showcased in this survival program. The trends of Produce 101 continue to be popular in Korea with its many variations.

Whether solo or in teams, the singers come together to show off their distinct styles and win the hearts of the nation – which they clearly have because their KakaoTalk stickers are everywhere!


If you were a fan of ‘Train to Busan’ and zombie thrillers are your thing, then you cannot go another day without watching ‘Kingdom.’ The thrilling period piece showcases the Joseon Dynasty as war wages over the Kingdom revolving around an unidentifiable disease plaguing the people.

It has been highly reviewed by fans, streaming service sites like Netflix, and even viewers in Korea. Not only due to the thrilling and gruesome imagery but also for its overall captivating storyline that doesn’t drag out much like ‘The Walking Dead.’

‘Strong Woman Bong Soon’

Park Bo Young is quite the household name when it comes to the many actresses in Korea. If you’re looking for a more quirky drama that features a fun combination of cliche yet refreshing tropes, this drama will absolutely satisfied.

Not only does it manifest a comical heroine storyline but it also centers around a rather thrilling and mysterious kidnapping mystery that progressively becomes more serious and frightening as the episodes go on! Give it a watch!

‘My Secret Terrius’

Although this drama is a few years old, it recently sparked a lot of interest due to its relevance pertaining to the Corona Virus. During the peek of Corona Virus spreading throughout the world, clips and details about this series episodes started to surface as the main character visited a hospital and the doctor offered detailed intel regarding the development and spread of the virus.

If the uncanny and eerie similarities aren’t enough to scare you, the rest of the unique situations faced throughout the series will continue to captivate you. If not the whole series, Episode 10 is definitely worth watching at least! Watch the creepy clip if you do not believe me!

‘Men on A Mission’

Sometimes watching a lot of pre-scripted dramas can be a bit repetitive. If you’re looking for something straying from the usual, Korean variety programs are the way to go! Many fans get so absorbed with dramas that they are often missing out on the overwhelmingly comical characteristics of variety shows.

Many of these shows also feature popular K-Pop idols and comedians so fans can easily recognize some of these familiar faces and witness a more natural, charming side of these made for TV celebrities. Plus, the fun mini-game challenges and humor will leave you in stitches!

‘Itaewon Class’

One of the most trending dramas in 2020, Korea has fallen head over heels for the dynamic characters and storyline of ‘Itaewon Class.’ The storyline revolves around an ex-con being released from prison and the manifestation and maintenance of a bar between his close friends. Things continue to get worse as his issues at school and even the unexpected death of his father trigger some emotional damage.

Aside from the rebel storyline, many people praised the drama for incorporating a slew of rougher than usual character backstories and even featuring a trans-gendered character. Itaewon Class seems to be a drama responsible for finally bringing ideas of representation of people in Korean society into media.

‘The K2’

Now if the cheesy romance and gut-busting comedy, get the action going with ‘The K2.’ This climactic storyline of a fugitive special agent protecting the daughter of a rich family all while uncovering his past regarding a mission in Iraq that involved him being framed for the murder of his lover!

Honestly, it is quite intense and the plot continues to get deeper and deeper with each episode and unfolds into a tale of self-awareness, desires for freedom, and slowing learning to love and feel comfortable in the care of strangers. I reviewed the drama for allkpop as well and can highly recommend this drama for some of the sexy scenes of Ji Chang Wook alone~!

‘Cheese In The Trap’

From webtoon to evolutionary drama, anyone can highly recommend viewing this series for many reasons. To start, it was one of the first Webtoons, a popular comic book app in Korea, that was turned into a drama. Second, many people praised the show for not only seemingly matching the plot but for also casting actors such as Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin that cleanly matched the story’s characters.

However, for some fans, they felt that the drama only kept hold of critical moments but didn’t do justice to the intense buildup of relationships or scarier moments within the actual webtoon. This offers more of a reason to watch because the viewer can make a comparison for themselves and eat up a lot of time with this show and the webtoon!

BONUS – ‘Kim’s Convenience’

OK – OK – it is not a Korean drama, I know! But hey, it is a series on Netflix and has a lot of background regarding Korean immigrants in the USA. It showcases a lot of perspective as being a Korean at heart and learning to blend into an unfamiliar society while experiencing its many modern behaviors and trends.

Any dramas you watched and would recommend during #quarantine ? Share your ultimate favorites or comments about this list down below! Don’t forget to also check out our friends at CHOOM CHOOM if you finally want to get off the couch or share this list with your TV-binge besties~

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