Jonghyun, Sulli, and Goo Hara’s Instagrams Are Officially Memorialized

Fans wept with joy over the news of hearing that not only was the late Jonghyun’s Instagram account recently memorialized (after much discussion among fans) but Sulli and Goo Hara’s as well.

Over the past three years, it seems the stress of the beloved K-Pop industry is only getting worse and worse. Whether it be the pressures the industry always put on their idols, the personal battles idols dealt with themselves, or the higher demand for the production and consumption of K-Pop, suicide was becoming a, sadly, reoccurring headline in the community.


Jonghyun was the first biggest impacting idol suicide after his death on December 19th 2017. Many articles were written in regards to his suicide – including his last activities and the purpose behind his actions. However, I personally wrote an article regarding the support of suicide prevention in Korea with an ongoing donation board you can find HERE. Feel free to donate or at least share the cause (it is free to do, after all!).

Now, thanks to Instagram memorializing these idols’ accounts, fans can no longer worry about the celebrities’ personal contents, photos, and more fading out of existence. Just like a virtual tombstone, fans can revisit and pay respect to the idols, show their leave and continue to leave comments under their precious photos. For fans, it is quite a sad but relieving process that helps them feel their favorite idol is still a part of their world and cheering them on.


Fans continue to leave comments under the photos of Jonghyun such as “I still miss you…” and “Still remembering you three years later.” On Facebook group pages, fans left comments such as “I am so happy Instagram didn’t deactivate these inactive accounts and left them for fans to appreciate!” I couldn’t agree more! Fans can continue to feel the presence of their idol – and that is something to smile about!

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