Here’s Why KCON LA 2020 Will Be Cancelled

We were completely saddened by the previous news of KCON NY being canceled earlier this year. Now, as the Summer months come closer, the question is if KCON LA is still on?


An official statement was released on their website regarding the matter stating, “The KCON USA team has been closely monitoring the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The health and safety of all those involved with all of our events – fans, artists, employees, exhibitors, partners, and more – is our highest priority. After many conversations with the appropriate government authorities, health experts, and our partners, it is with deep sadness that we have decided to cancel KCON 2020 NY, scheduled for June,” with refunds being issued to those who participated in their first-ever pre-sale event.

With the start of our K-Pop Summer halted, what will happen to KCON LA (which is usually held in August)? The U.S is currently in bad shape. Cases of Corona Virus continue to be on the rise and with citizens still protesting and refusing to wear masks, it seems the spread of the virus will not decrease any time soon. Despite citizens following various quarantines around the different states, alongside social-distancing, reports of many deaths, as well as recovery, continue to be released in the thousands.


With all that being said, it can become clear that KCON LA will not be seeing any fruition. Despite there being no official announcement from KCON USA itself, I can guarantee this to be the case.

When Corona Virus first hit Korea back in early February, (You can watch my video regarding it below), the country had to act fast in order to recover and bring society back to a regular routine and flow of business. Three months later, the country is just starting to see a few days where no outbreaks of the virus were reported and considering the thought of reopening various businesses and places such as schools and limit social-distancing restrictions. However, large crowds at events such as concerts, flower festivals, and busking are still restricted and masks are required in various places.

So when comparing the two countries’ current status and the future of these events, it appears utterly bleak. America is quarantine actions sprung only a month ago and with such a large country with an even larger population than Korea, the road to recovery seems much longer than 3-4 months. It is upsetting as KCON is one of the most other-worldly experiences fans anticipate each and every year (including myself!). Perhaps in quarantine, we will simply have to stick to our favorite or newer K-Dramas? Check out some recommendations here! 

We have to face the facts, the way the USA is currently handling the situation isn’t so progressive and recently initiating travel bans means the country is not in good shape. Korean entertainment companies will never send their artists to such a dangerous environment just for money (WE HOPE!). Unfortunately, we cannot be selfish and most consider our favorite idols’ health this time around (or more than ever) and await the news of how we can celebrate KCON and our love for K-Pop more innovatively this year.


In the end, with the rise of Virtual K-Pop concerts garnering more and more attention and attendees, perhaps we can expect a future KCON through this method? What do you precious readers think – does KCON LA still have a chance to go on this year or should we just cry and save our money for next year? Share your comments down below!

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