K-CON Is Still On! 2020 Virtual Concert KCON:TACT Announced

We all had a lingering feeling that K-Con would somehow manage to pull together and make things happen – and that is exactly what they did!

After the last article regarding why K-CON LA was simply not happening, fans speculated (including myself) that a virtual concert might be the only viable option and route to go. Wasting no time, K-CON officially announced on the night of May 13th that they will not only be holding a virtual concert experience, but it will also be a seven-day marathon celebration promising to deliver live (and some pre-filmed) K-Pop content – 24/7!!! Pinch me now!


CJ Entertainment and KCON USA, the big cheeses of the K-CON experience, released an official statement alongside this wonderful announcement. “KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER, a first of its kind event delivering its unique experience virtually to living rooms across the planet. A marathon stream of live and pre-taped content will air seven full days in a row combining a mix of live performances from K-pop’s biggest artists, meet and greet sessions, influencer led panels and more. The global celebration of Korean culture and pop music is set to take place June 20-26 from Mnet’s world-class television production studio in Seoul.

Now that we are pumped up and ready to enjoy this amazing virtual experience, what more can we expect? Well, programming during the marathon KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER stream will include live concerts, live meet and greet sessions, behind the scenes content, artist + influencer collaborations, and influencer panels like those that can be found in-person at KCON events. Although, I won’t be there this time perhaps I will have something special in the works for you all alongside some other panelists ~ hehehe stay tuned!


That aside, we know what to expect but how and where can we watch this all unfold? The entire program will be streamed exclusively on the Mnet K-Pop YouTube channel (www.youtube/mnet) globally. However, all interactive elements, including direct artist communication, will be available only through the YouTube platform and stream. Expect to spend a pretty penny on that portion of the event. It will still be quite a remarkable experience and KCON has heard the pleas of many fans in what they desired in their future KCON events – especially regarding this virtual one after KCONUSA released teasers on their Instagram recently.

Now, the big question is if there is a price to pay? Is KCON:TACT free? How much is the KCON:TACT 2020 Summer Stream? For now, no prices or package details have been revealed. Yet, do not assume it is all free. Similar to the SM Entertainment concerts discussed in a previous post, artist engagement and other interactive features will definitely cost you.


Now, let’s review! From June 20th through June 26th you can catch a plethora of live events, artist engagements, and influencer panels all filmed on MNET’s stage in Seoul 24/7! The concert and live performances appear to be free and will be streaming on MNET’s YouTube channel while other streaming and engagement services may cost you – please anticipate more updates.

KCON brought in close to 160,000 fans last year so who knows how many will tune in live for this summer streaming event! All I know is, this is one KCON you do NOT want to miss out on. You can even check out a live stream promotion Hello Eddi did for KCON NY 2019 down below and a video review from 2018 here!

What do you think of this stellar announcement? Are you excited to tune in with K-Pop fans from around the globe? Share the article and don’t forget to leave some comments down below- especially about who you think the special feature lineup will be!

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