James Lee Continues His Success With New Release ‘Erase’

If you are more than just a mainstream listener of K-Pop music, then you will easily recognize talent such as James Lee. The powerful artist, who performed with Kevin Woo in 2019, has come back with his new release ‘Erase’. 


If you’re an old school K-Pop fan or lover of bands than groups, you will absolutely remember Royal Pirates! James Lee, originally a bassist who left Royal Pirates in 2017 to redirect his career after a life-changing experience, continues to shine as he discovers his passions in music. James Lee is preparing to highlight his emotional musical journey again with his new single “Erase.” Each release has drawn the attention of fans old and new as James continues to showcase his newly polished abilities solo and with popular artists.


Now, “Erase” is set to come out on May 22nd, 2020 at 12AM PDT on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. He also has some exciting things in store for his fans during these promotions and a special gift for his fans who sign up for his Patreon! You can get special updates from James himself alongside news of his other music on his SNS! Follow James on his popular social media accounts down below.

IG: @jamesjhl /TWT: @jamesjoohyunlee / Spotify / YouTube

No social media? No problem! You can pre-save “Erase” on the streaming platform of your choice HERE to make sure you don’t miss out on James’ upcoming single!
As a very special bonus, fans who sign up for James’ Patreon by Monday, June 8th, 11:59PM PDT will have their name printed on the upcoming physical EP!

James is also set to release his sophomore solo EP in June – so stay tuned for that! Before “Erase,” James Lee had started his solo career with “Automatic” and even released music alongside Kevin Woo of UKISS, Amber Lie of f(x) and FYKE. 

Keep your eyes wide for the release of “Erase” this Friday and more updates from James Lee with us in the future!

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