Which K-Pop Idol Would You Survive Quarantine With? [QUIZ]

If I had to be stuck in quarantine with anybody, it better damn well be a freakin K-Pop idol!!! Like a magic conch, may all our wishes be granted through the divine selection of this almighty quiz!


Now, quarantine is truly getting to the best of us! Heck, even some of our favorite K-Pop idols like BTS Jungkook was seen breaking the quarantine rules in Korea and going out to party! Who can blame em – quarantine is one thing with your favorite pet and K-Dramas you can endlessly watch, but the person you survive with counts the most!

Now, let’s waste no time- Take the quiz down below and let us know which K-Pop idol you are surviving quarantine with!


Trouble loading? Click and Start the quiz here! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends for more fun!

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