This New Gay Korean Drama Is Driving Viewers Wild Worldwide

Now I love K-Dramas as much as the next person but the moment I hear there is any sort of gay, boy-love, bromance involved you can guarantee that I WILL watch it – wouldn’t you?

Recently, new BL drama (which is short for Boy Love) “Where Your Eyes Linger” (너의시선이머무는곳에) is taking the world by storm. The lovely web drama premiered just three days ago (on May 22nd 2020) and has already garnered a positive review from viewers. See the trailer for yourself and share your positive (or negative) thoughts about the drama in the comments below!

Featuring popular Produce 101 Contestant Han Gi Chan, alongside the handsome actor Jang Eui Sui, the story revolves around rich 18 -year-old chaebol who is in need of a bodyguard… who is also 18… (is this already turning into a cliche trope? Lord do us justice!), so the plot is already following a classic formula and laying out the elements for pure drama. If that wasn’t enough, a female lead also appears to make things complicated to boot.

Hang Gi Chan’s character is naive, appearing snobby at times due to his wealthy background and grows to be quite unpredictable in nature. Perhaps it is due to his confused feelings toward his bodyguard? Jang Eun Sui’s character is also quite powerful and dominant while exuding a mysterious quality and air around him. Despite this, he sticks to Hang Gi Chan like glue, it is his job after all!

Only three days after its release, the drama is seeing overwhelmingly positive results! Just check out some of the comments below!


Are you excited about the news and need to check out the drama for yourself? It is currently  Rakuten TV Exclusive, so you can watch it here! If it is not available in your country, you may have to simply wait for some YouTube releases in the meantime!

What do you think of the BL Gay love scene growing in K-Dramas? I for one am certainly loving it! If you love it as much as I do, don’t forget to share the news with your friends!


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