How To Be A K-Pop Dancer In Korea!

Have you watched tons of videos online about K-Pop dancing and thought “How can I do this?” From ILoveDance cover flashmobs to Random Dance Plays with GoToe, you know all the best dance videos out there and it is your turn to be a part of them!

In this post, I will discuss a few unique ways you can indulge in the K-Pop idol experience and also become the dancer of your dreams. First of all, as a disclaimer, this is no way the perfect guide nor a guaranteed plan into becoming a dancer professionally here in Korea -BUT- it does provide a great source of material to practice updated choreography, receive professional training, and learn some useful techniques you wouldn’t be able to find easily just from a quick Google search!

Now, with that all said and done, let us look at the first method! We know you can watch a ton of dance cover videos, but taking local classes is key to getting far and making connections (and I cannot stress that enough). Find some local dance classes from companies like ILoveDance that not only post continuous covers online but also host classes for people wanting to learn. As you go through the ranks, you can soon be featured in one of their dance videos and maybe even develop a following of your own (which is key in getting attention from others!). Getting to be on camera (even if it is a local class that just films it for their personal Instagram promotions) is a great way to give you some training on what to do and how to look on the scene.

The next step is something a little more interesting and fun! People may not always feel comfortable in classes or want to do more workouts from home. Perhaps you may not even be giving with the songs that are being pushed our during classes even! This is where CHOOM CHOOM comes in!


CHOOM CHOOM, the interactive at-home AI dancing game, is a revolutionary new and fun game that is free to play and utilizes the camera on your computer to scan your body and imitate your dance moves with an on-screen avatar. As you can see from the video above, it is an engaging experience that requires no sensors or special equipment as it can teleport you to the greatest virtual K-Pop dancing world with all the latest songs! So you can simply sign-up and play immediately and get all the practice you need to become a star.

I personally recommend it not only because it is fun but it also contains a really interactive training system that lets you repeat part, adjust song speeds, and really study choreography at your own pace. Plus, the in-game ranking systems can give you a boost of encouragement – who doesn’t like showing off once in a while, right?Click here if you want to just skip this post and start dancing– haha! Soon, you’ll become a great dancer like me! (SHAMELESS PLUG!)


Finally, we can get to the final process of how to become a K-Pop dancer! All of these other alternatives I mentioned are valuable stepping stones to preparing, but you need to really get your feet wet and experience the real deal – and yes, I mean coming to Korea!

Nowadays, Korea offers a plethora of programs and workshops that welcome foreigners to travel to Korea and take on rigorous training programs to not only train like an idol but maybe even become one! One academy I can recommend is with HabKorea, because the company not only boasts a reputable program, like ERICA K-Pop Camp, but they have been successfully doing it for quite some time and even documented certain foreigner’s individual journeys. Check out the video down below.


The company is one worth visiting, and can even inspire you to take on other camps and companies here in Korea. After that, if it is possible for you, taking some dance classes or attending a school of arts in Korea will only help you even more. If you’re serious about your career and journey, these are important parts of the process you must certainly undergo.

As I said earlier, I certainly cannot guarantee your own success and this post isn’t a fool-proof plan in getting you a spot on stage next to an idol but it will definitely open doors for you if you can take on this course. All that would be left from there is to apply to companies, take on auditions, join TV programs like the one below, and showcase your talent. There are many platforms, so waste no more time and get to it, dancers!

Was the article helpful for you? Don’t forget to share the word and unsolicited advice with all your other dancing friends (or anyone with a dream of becoming an idol in Korea!) Good luck and do not forget to try all of these unique programs I mentioned above!



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