Shocking Feud Between AOA’s Mina & Jimin + Self-Harm Photos Escalates Online & Alarms Fans

Sadly, the K-Pop industry is a divine and glamourized beast that swallows many people whole. If it isn’t the industry, it is to many fans disbelief the idols themselves causing the issues. Read the FULL up-to-date story below.

Recently, allegations and news of AOA’s Mina being bullied by her members gained attention after Mina’s post regarding her hiatus and departure from the group in 2019. Mina posted an image of a chat room with one message at the bottom saying, “Get Fxxking Lost, B!tch.” Stemming from that was a long post regarding the message from Mina which revealed a solid 10 years of bullying (assumably) from member Jimin. 


“I want to get lost too, but I have to take care of my mom. Ah, I’m gonna start getting so many DMs calling me ‘no brains’. You’re right. I am ‘no brains’ and I’ve never properly learned anything in my life. I had to earn money from a young age because of my family situation.

After my dad passed away, when I cried in the waiting room there was an unnie who dragged me to the closet, telling me to stop crying because it was ruining the mood, and I tried to tell her that I was scared. I tried to tell her that I was scared of my dad dying. I can’t ever forget what she said to me then. Any other bullying? Any other harsh words? They’re all fine. It was such a scar but we got in the same car afterward so I forced myself to go to sleep, taking nerve relaxers and sleeping pills. I needed to do a good job with my schedules but I felt myself breaking. I even tried to take my own life because of her once.

Honestly, I’m okay even if you people never respect me as an idol or an actress. I know I’m terrible, I’m not good at anything. But I was really happy, and I tried really hard. I still love being in this area of work. I was never stressed about being an idol, and in truth, I never wanted to leave AOA; but because of one person who hated me, I gave up after enduring her bullying for 10 years and at the end of it all, I wanted to turn around and curse at her.

In the end, I gave up AOA. I really had fun promoting as AOA with the other members. But some time ago, that bunnies father passed away, and I felt so sad and strange. At least I know exactly how that feels. When I went to the funeral she came to my crying, telling me she was sorry. It was so unfulfilling, and my heart really broke down.

Everything emptied itself after that. I felt okay, I let go of the blame but by then, I was already too broken. I’m scared. I’m having some time to myself on hiatus now and I knew. I wanted to try learning a few things, maybe try to receive treatment for my depression and anxiety. But it turns out, even during a hiatus a lot of things happen.

I’m so tired. You know how the netizens say things online? How I don’t know who I think I am, no one knows what I’m trying to be, no one wants to see my face or hear me talk and all that, but despite that, it wasn’t like I was born because I wanted to be born, and I have a mouth, I have hands, but I can’t control myself anymore either and I need to live for my mom.

It’s fine if you don’t see me fondly and it’s fine if you don’t pay me any attention; can’t you just leave me alone? Because I get that everything is my fault.” 

(The following post was translated from allkpop)

Soon after Jimin responded herself on Instagram with a post that read “FICTION” – (This shady b!tch sh!t…). Many fans already believe the allegations to be true and are speculating just how this will impact Jimin’s future career and activities.


Fans posted a variety of comments saying, “I never liked Jimin,” “She seems like the bully of the group,” and “She seemed to do anything for fame and would step on others.” More statements seemed to, fortunately, focus on Mina’s health and provide her well wishes. However, those well wishes were met with a more alarming post as Mina shared images of her self harm.

*WARNING* Graphic images ahead – if you are sensitive to this content or a person suffering from self-harm, do not click the link.*

Please click the link here to see the graphic image posted on Mina’s Instagram.

Afterward, Mina responded back more brashly to Jimin’s horrible post stating her misery and suffering were all fiction.

“Fiction? To say it is would be fiction that’s too scary. Unni, I underwent 3-4 rounds of scar treatment, and the scars have become lighter. But unni, the memories don’t go away. I’m going crazy every day. Jimin unni, the law? What, a lawsuit? I can’t do that because I don’t have money. Compensation for mental damage? I don’t need any of that, and I don’t have any intentions to do that. I just feel it’s so unfair that I became ruined because of you, unni. I’m in pain, and I’m going through a hard time. What I want is for you to come in front of me and admit your wrongdoing and apologize sincerely. I think that would be enough. Unni, you bullied me, and you’re living well. For me, opening my eyes every day is torture, but I have to feed my family. Please acknowledge it and apologize to me. I want to let go of the lump inside my heart too, okay?”

Now, fans are more concerned about Mina’s health and if the people around her are doing anything to help her. With more and more damaging and shocking news regarding the K-Pop industry surfacing, especially regarding idols and their physical and mental health, fans wonder if the scene is losing its charm and is just another harsh reality covered in glitter.


Now, just two hours ago from writing this post, Mina released a series of photos alongside a final statement towards AOA’s Jimin that seems to not only provoke her action but put Jimin in her place.

  1. “I guess it’s difficult for her to come and apologize to me. Whenever a new manager came to work for us, she would say that I’m a scary person who acts dumb. Why am I scary, and why would I act dumb? When I came back from an audition, she would say I was acting as if I would get something. When I was dieting because I wanted my face to come out onscreen well, she would say, ‘Mina, why is your body like that? It looks f**cking terrible. Gain some weight.’ During our trainee days, you would smack us and stand way in front. We would say formally, ‘Did you sleep well?’ ‘Yes, we’re sorry’ ‘We apologize.’ If you wanted to bring someone to the dorm, you would do what you wanted. It was so noisy that I slept in the practice room. You would talk negatively about each of the members, saying, ‘Hey, don’t you think so-and-so changed lately?’ You said things that shouldn’t be said. Oh yeah, you scolded me for not greeting you first at the hair salon, but you don’t remember anything do you? I’ve only written the small things you did. There was so much worse you did during the 10 years. Because of you unni, I don’t have anything else to lose, and more than that, did you know I’m not scared of anything either? Because what gave me fear was you. The presence of you gave me stress. You wouldn’t know if you just read these words, right? That was my everyday, so I’ve forgotten everything and only mental illness is left along with a few harsh words. My suicide notes always had your name in it, unni. I thought that maybe you would at least feel a bit guilty if you read it later on. I collapsed due to stress, collapsed due to seizures, collapsed due to suicide attempts. My mom cried. My older sister has cancer, and she would run to the emergency room because of me. I’ve never once talked back to you. Did I do something wrong to you since our trainee days, debut days, or afterwards? If there is, tell me. Did you hate my because I’m not good at flattery? I still did my best. Whether you scolded me or not, I had my pride, but I approached you with a big smile. I was amazed when you said you were taking medication for your mental health and going through a hard time. You said everything and did everything you wanted to say, you were completely selfish. I was so jealous of that. Of course, each of us probably were going through a difficult time, but at least you were able to express it? I had to suppress it no matter what. I’m out of my mind right now, and the one who made me like this is you, unni. You’re the one who made my family suffer too. I normally had a very strong mindset. I would think to myself that you were like that because we were trainees, that you were like that because you were the leader. I wanted to pity you, but you’re the same even after getting older. I wasn’t even able to tell anyone I was going through a hard time because of you. Finally, I exploded during the contract renewal negotiations, and that’s when my family found out. Still, did my family ever even say anything to you? Their daughter attempted suicide because of someone, and they didn’t even get angry. Unni, you cried when you wanted to cry, and you got a lot of comfort too. I was scared to be scolded by you, so for 10 years… How did I get through it? At the end, I ate almost 200 sleeping pills because of you, unni, and then I collapsed. I don’t remember, but on a piece of A4 paper, I wrote your name, apologized to my mom, and now I’m spending each day like that too. I’m broken in every way there is to be broken. My mom even got depression because of me, did you know? I don’t want to live because of one person, you unni. The real sincere reason is because of you, unni. Even if you came to me and genuinely apologized, I’m already broken. I faint suddenly, I suddenly cry, and I take out a knife and write Shin Jimin. I’m so broken that my chest is overwhelmed, and I’m going crazy. Mom, dad, my older sister, I’m so sorry. Can’t you at least tell me why you hate me? You were particularly harsh to me. I feel it’s so unfair. I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s so crazy, but it’s so unfair. When I open my eyes, I feel it’s so unfair that I think I’m going to go crazy. It’s really really hard. I was sitting in the passenger seat, and I was worried that you’d say something to me. My heart was beating so hard. That’s how I lived. Unni, I want an apology. What would that change? I don’t know either. I just want to go crazy. I want to run and do something. I’m so angry. There’s no reason for me to have been tortured. Shin Jimin unni, right? I wish you could feel how I felt at least one day. I want to turn back time and exchange places at least once. Unni, you lived so comfortable. Say something. Let’s hear it. Why did you hate me so much? Why? I hate you too. If it weren’t for you, how would I be now. At least, I wouldn’t have nightmares, cry everyday, and attempt suicide, right? I’ve done nothing to you, so I want to talk. I want to keep letting people know. That I have mental illness because of that unni. That’s why I’m doing this right now. Isn’t that pathetic? I exploded after being patient and patient. I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I couldn’t hide it.”

    2. “She said she’s sleeping after taking her medication. Good for her. I’m holding back my tears as I soak my head in the sink. I can’t fall asleep even if I take dozens of sleeping pills. Isn’t that strange? I sleep after being awake for a few days. I cut my wrist and the house’s floor is full of blood, but I’m just numb. I’m numb, and I think about when I’ll die. How many people came to save me? Why were there so many people who suffered because of me? Unni, are you sleeping well? When I heard that, I got mad, and tears came flowing. I’ve gotten a lot angrier too. I’m weird. I’m so weird. Try living by putting your head in the sink every day. It really sucks. Unni, you’re really a bad person. You have to feel it yourself. I want to sleep too. I want to sleep well at least one day. Why do the people around me have to suffer because of you, unni. Why did you have to make me into such a bad kid? I want to stop hurting other people, but I’m angry. It’s unfair. It makes me go crazy. Don’t sleep, and apologize to me. Wake up, unni. Don’t make me even more broken. Wow, I’m so angry.”

    3. “I won’t be able to achieve my dream anymore, right? But if you’re human, you shouldn’t either, unni. I told FNC Entertainment and everyone at the end. I was half functioning, couldn’t open my eyes properly, and I stuttered my words. Even not recovering after hundreds of sleeping pills. That this is because of Jimin unni. No one listened, right? Who do I have to grab and tell? Don’t get suddenly angry? I’m like this every day. I lived like this. No one knew because I didn’t say anything. I hid it since I was 21 and secretly took pills to get through it. I lived like this. Because of Shin Jimin unni. Because of that unni who’s sleeping well right now.”

    4. “To those who are going through a hard time because of someone right now. Just fight them. Don’t hold it in. Or grab someone and tell them. Sleeping pills? Never take them because there’s no end. Don’t live like me. Don’t put up with it. Please live doing whatever you want to do and expressing yourself.”


AOA was a girl group that debuted back in 2012 with future hits such as “Mini Skirt,” and “Like A Cat”. Currently, the lineup consists of 5 members from the original lineup with 3 leaving. Perhaps bullying surrounded the other members as well? Only time will tell.

Korean culture, especially work culture, has a lot of growing to do. Fans obviously cannot see the torture and stress endured day by day by idols and Korean’s in the society in general. If fans knew, why would they want to consume what is being produced? As painful as it is to acknowledge, the old cliches about starving and suffering artists seem to be said for a reason. Korea is a growing nation that came from hardship not to long ago.

With K-Pop being a driving force of international attention, income, and tourism results, it makes sense that the country and its companies will milk the industry for everything it is worth. As a fan, the best thing you can do is to continue to support your artists in ways outside of company means and for the artists that are no longer under contracted agencies or going hiatus, continue to support their future work and help their image shine brightly.

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