LAY Zhang Teases Fans With Early Release ‘BOOM’


The buzz of LAY Zhang’s soon to be released album ‘LIT’ continues to gain traction as the artist continues to tease fans with the release of his Summer anthem “BOOM.”

BOOM signals the forthcoming of the much-anticipated conclusion to LAY’s twelve-track album. This album has captured the attention of not only fans but also producers as LAY teamed up with GRAMMY Award-winning producer and songwriter Scott Storch (50 Cent, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg) for the last six songs featured on the final piece, demonstrating a groundbreaking blend of hip-hop and Mandopop in one unique package.


LIT’ is a handcrafted, masterpiece featuring twelve tracks, and all songs on the album are co-written by LAY himself, who also personally co-produced every track, ensuring his message and story are clearly instilled in each song for every fan to enjoy. His personal never-before-heard sound and style alongside LAY’s image as an artist are blended beautifully and many expect LAY’s development as an artist to shine through on this release.

Don’t wait any longer and jam out to Lay’s “BOOM” now!


The pre-order for Lay Zhang’s new digital albumLIT’ went live on China’s QQ Music platform, and 9 certification records were instantly broken as it went live. The digital album surpassed 1.5 million pre-orders within 7 minutes and 19 seconds of launch, locking in the #1 position on QQ Music’s daily and weekly album sales chart. The music video and EP forLIT’ went on to break records for a Chinese artist. In 24 hours, LAY received over 1.6 million views on his YouTube channel, and over 5 million views in four and a half days on the music video forLIT.’ Organically, LAY received over 100 reaction videos on YouTube within a week of the music video’s release, which led to 1 million subscribers in that same week on LAY’s YouTube channel (officially June 6th). Additionally, LAY’s song debuted at #22 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart while LAY peaked on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart at #36.


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