LAY ZHANG Keeps It ‘LIT’ With New Album

If you have been keeping up with our latest posts or LAY in general, then you know how much he has continued to peel back each layer of his album – little by little! Now, the wait is finally over.

‘LIT’ Album Cover

If you thought 2020 was heading down the road of another sour note, LAY is here to keep your spirit ‘LIT’ with his new album of the same name. The word “蓮,” translated toLIT in English, describes a Chinese religious belief of the duality of “Life & Death.” The “Lotus Flower” is also used by the same Chinese character as it’s a cultural icon recognized as something that “grows and blossoms out of the dirt/mud.”


LAY’s album utilizes this vivid portrayal to set the scene of his emotions. ; firstly, the duality of a two-part release, and secondly it represents a new birth plus a new sound in the midst of all his past achievements. LAY reveals that, through his music, he wants to explore the concepts of solitude, arrogance, self-confidence, loyalty, resolution, and courage. But don’t just read about it – watch the beauty unfold on your phone (or computer) in the official MV for “LIT” down below!


LAY’s agency also stated, The cutting edge production for newly released songs likeChangsha,”Mama,”Call My Name,”Late Night,” andWish” will give you a very cross-cultural and refreshing journey as the combination of traditional Peking Opera and Chinese instruments are showcased through passionate lyrics showing a whole new blend of music.”

Perhaps a review is definitely needed for an album boasting so much narration, powerful origin, and culturally uniting such abstract music backgrounds! After seeing his latest release “BOOM,” and reflecting back on my enjoyment of the instrumentals in “Jade,” I’m positive this is an album that fans of LAY, and these genres alike, will want to listen to!


Check out the full album HERE and do not forget to support the artist!


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