James Lee Makes You Feel Like Royalty With His Latest EP ‘Castles’

James Lee has kept the ball rolling since his last release. Now, his newest EP “Castles” is striking while the iron is hot and bringing fans much delight!

James is talented in many ways, with composing and producing his own music being one of his most highlighted aspects! His previous release of “Erase” back in May was met with lots of success and prompted James to continue dishing out his own emotional stories through music.

Now, “Castles” is considered James’ milestone in his career as he views it as a song that, “Expresses the growth I’ve had as a writer and a producer.”

If the teaser was enough to already spark your interest, give the song a full listen HERE! When asked about the song, James revealed, “I hope people that listen to CASTLES will hear everything, from the details in every single arrangement choice, to the way the words are expressed in each song. I decided to lean into the music I grew up loving so much. Though the tone of the album is emotional and sad, the greater takeaway for people is to appreciate the moments we have because nothing lasts forever.”

Don’t forget to support your favorite artists and stay tuned for more wonderful music by James. If you haven’t already, check out his last release “Over Us” below and don’t forget to share this article with friends~


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