Fans Are Officially Going Crazy Over TinyTAN – Big Hit’s Latest Project

Who is TinyTAN? Why are they so cute and why do they already have 600K followers on Twitter after their reveal on July 30th (just 3 days ago!)?


You may have thought that Big Hit Entertainment was at it again and releasing another amazing boy group for us to idolize and unconditional love – but BTS is enough, right? If you couldn’t get enough of the boys, including their BT21 forms, then TinyTAN will be your new craze. Watch the amazing video reveal below!


Showcasing mini chibi-like 3D models of the BTS members, TinyTAN is the newest way BTS is continuing to connect and promote with fans! The cute figurines each represent a unique emotion such as Love, Sweet, Precious, Adorable, Swag, and truly emulate each member’s personality and auras through their captivating charms!

Check out TinyTAN’s Twitter Page HERE for more official details and updates!

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