MAMAMOO Steals Song From This Korean Artist?

Fans have been left with their eyes out their sockets and jaws on the ground after popular song-writer eSNA revealed on her YouTube channel that MAMAMOO’s agency ended up using her for her song.

The talented singer and writer eSNA, who has been involved in the music scene for quite sometime before her official debut in Korea on Music Bank’ 5 years ago with MAMAMOO, finally told all on her YouTube series ‘Not So Classy.’ The 10th episode titled, ‘What really happened,’ shows BTS on Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo (the trifecta of K-Pop weekend performances for artists and their promotions) as well as some details regarding how the song “Ahh Oop!” was made and promoted.

One of two videos where eSNA was allowed to promote on the song she top-lined (written).

As you can expect, eSNA suffered quite a bit not only due to the stress and demands of the promotions (for example being forced to lose weight via extreme methods and having her name removed from the song title) but also the overall aftermath and treatment from both her and MAMAMOO’s agency – to the point it caused her to terminate her contract early. The list of problems is quite long and is worth hearing from the source!

Check out the video down below and share your opinion in the comments down below~

eSNA’s gossip-worthy video and YouTube series.

After viewing the video, what do you think of eSNA’s experience? Can you feel for her sorrows and believe something more was happening in the background or do you think otherwise? Don’t forget to share this with your friends and have a healthy discussion about the K-Pop industry.

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