M.O.N.T Love Our ‘Shadow’ In New MV + Album ‘Burgundy TAPE’

The bubbly and charming boy group M.O.N.T have utterly impressed their fans as they swapped out their signature concept for something more mature, lavish and charming on their new album.

Gaining popularity from their time on hit survival show ‘MIXNINE’ alongside their quirky MV “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” the rising-to-stardom group M.O.N.T have showcased they are a group capable of showcasing not only many styles but also tackling different genres of music with their flexible vocal talents -especially in their new release “Shadow” from their new album ‘Burgundy TAPE.’ As expected, Narachan’s wondrous singing combined with Bitsaeon’s whistling vocals and Roda’s sleek rapping made this new jazzy release feel like a burst of fresh air in our quarantined lives. Put the troubling times behind you and get that drunken sensation through M.O.N.T’s new and guaranteed hit song and MV here!

The song opens up strong and brass while the MV sets the scene of members strutting through a bar, feeling light and tipsy as they stumble through the crowd, throwback their drinks, gaze into the cameras and shout out their feelings of admiration towards their love interest. It seems the lyrics genuinely express every detail and quality of a person being desirable as their love and emotions run so wildly deep that the boys even love the shadow cast by this mesmerizing person.

The most ear-catching part of this unique new title track is Roda’s solid rap portion. His ability to not only smoothly sing the chorus but also deliver a killer rap that transitions so effortlessly into the song is wonderful to hear and shows the growth of the group overall. The track carefully showcases another characteristic of the group while maintaining the song’s overall grown vibe and carrying the bridge/verses with ease.

Bitsaeon really had a remarkable moment to shine as his feature solo song Moonlight is delicate, charming and easily tugging at the listener’s heartstrings due to the melodic piano accompanying his light-as-a-feather vocals. Just like Bitsaeon’s voice, the song makes you feel weightless, in love and even lonely – but in a good way. The feelings of being alone are ones that come with the atmosphere – enough to share your secrets and stories of love, tenderness and more under the moonlight that basks over you. Don’t just listen but also check out the fun MV for this song above!

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