Can You Handle Watching These 5 Scariest Fan-Meet Videos?

While we enjoyed reading about which idols are most famous in other countries, we couldn’t forget how emotional we get when actually meeting our idols too! But be warned, some of these moments are quite scary (or thrilling to say the least!).

From concerts to fan meetings, companies like MAXPERIENCE continue to deliver our favorite K-Pop idols from our computer screens and straight to our cities so we can enjoy videos just like these.

While there are many wonderful and lucky moments fans have meet their idols, these top 5 are the most heart-warming ones yet! Bet you can’t watch without cracking a smile! Check out the fun videos down below and follow MAXPERIENCE on their social media here~





Most fan meetings follow a simple procedure – wait backstage, meet your idol, say hi and get a hug before taking a billion pictures! You’d think it would be the same way for BTS, no? WRONG! The boys are extra crazy and love to show their love and fun humor to their fans. That is why they waited on the set of “Friends” to scare their lovely Army fans! Check it out!


There was a time where BuzzFeed was interviewing every idol on the planet! Without a doubt, they were one of the most amazing videos to watch as a new one seemed to came out each week. But which was the best one you ask? Definitely GOT7 surprising their fans as they spoke about their love for the 7 boys!

Black Pink

It isn’t just boys who seem to love surprising and scaring their fans! The lovely 4 ladies of Black Pink also had their fun and enjoyed shocking one fan as they worked undercover at a cafe! The girls have a more charming and sweeter approach to surprising this one lucky fan though, and even prepared gifts!


Imagine being alone in the noraebang (Karaoke) and singing one of your favorite K-Pop songs only to have the idol walk in on you and suddenly singing your favorite part! Well, this girl was downright surprised and she experienced just that!! Her reaction, however, is what really made this video amazing!!


While this one isn’t scary per se, it goes without saying that the fans were absolutely shocked so this video MUST be added to the list! During GoToe, a popular dance cover artist on YouTube, travels to NYC he held another one of his popular Random Play Dance (RPD) events! While there, the sexy talented boy group NCT appeared on the scene and really gave fans a heart attack as they dance and performed some of their hit songs!

What did you think of these amazing fan-meetings? Did you ever go to a fan-meeting from groups like ASTRO, MAMAMOO, WINNER, JAY PARK, and more? Let us know some of your favorite fan-meeting videos and the time you meet a K-Pop celebrity down below! Don’t forget to share these hilarious videos with your friends and also follow MAXPERIENCE for more updates about fan meetings in your city!





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