MONT Share Their Love For Fans + More In Documentary Series

The boys of MONT have continued to promote despite the difficulties of Corona Virus. With back to back releases this summer, and more on the way, the boys reveal a more personal side through their mini documentary series.

The self-made show portrays the members of MONT (mainly Narachan, the leader) as they reflect on their debut days, the current state of happiness they feel but struggles they suffer from as they continue to fulfill their hunger to continue promoting as artists, and, most importantly, their future into the K-Pop industry.

View a clip from the first episode below!

During this time, member Narachan was filming the release of his solo “September Hills.” He express the explosive style of love he wanted the song to represent. Narachan further expressed his ideas as an artists, pressures as the leader and even funny facts/stories about his fellow members that followers would absolutely enjoy!

Shed a tear, crack a smile, and release a sigh of enjoyment as you watch this adorable K-documentary series with the lovable boys of MONT! Don’t forget to listen to their other songs from their latest mini-album ‘Burgundy TAPE.’

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