K-Pop Idols We’d Love To See In These Halloween Costumes

Now, we all love Halloween but it seems that this year we are going to have a lack of candy, parties, social interactions and probably even idols in our favorite costumes!

But let us not fret – there is still a treat or two left to celebrate for this holiday! I’m here to deliver you the best K-Pop listicle yet ~ These 10 costumes we would love to see our favorite idols in! Check out the list below and let me know who your favorite is in the comments down below!

Monsta X Wonho – Playboy Bunny

Let’s be real – Wonho is just K-Pop MAN CANDY! No tricks ALL treat. We know if we even caught of glimpse of him in this it is game over for our other boy group biases.

Red Velvet Seulgi – Mermaid

There is something enchanting about Red Velvet’s Seulgi. She has a gaze that can be as deep as an ocean and lure in any person. Thus I deem her the mermaid (or siren) of Halloween! Plus with her powerful voice, she would definitely steal some sailor’s hearts!

NU’EST Ren – Tifa

Honestly, from the looks, demeanor and more – REN IS TIFA! JUST BE TIFA!!!! I feel like Ren would be an unstoppable K-Pop artist with this transformation~

Blackpink Jennie – Clueless

Honestly, Jennie of Blackpink is a fashion queen with a versatile face that can pull off any look! Of all the costumes, I’d love to see her in the classic fashion-staple piece – the yellow plaid outfit from ‘Clueless.’

NCT 127 – Fire Fighters

Get some matches, quick! This is the time to call 911 and wait for this “Fire Truck” of K-Pop idols to come to your rescue!

TWICE – Girls’ Generation

NOT going to lie – if the nine girls of TWICE cosplayed as Girls’ Generation, that would be a real “HOOT!” Just imagine them reenacting all the famous dances in the iconic outfits, too!

BTS – Seven Dwarfs

We already know we would be highly entertained! We already have one elf, just get six more costumes! Now if only Bang Si-hyuk would dress up as Snow White…

G-Friend – Boyfriend

Like when a girl does drag and is called a Drag King, I think it would be hilariously creative if the girls just dressed as Anime boys for a day! Maybe ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ would be a good match to start with? I’m ready to “Kiss Kiss Fall In Love!”

TXT – Minions

They are cute, they are lovable, and filled with SO MUCH personality (No, I am not talking about the minions!). The boys of TXT are not only excellent singers (like the minions) but they have a youthful charm everyone simply adores~

BONUS – JYP & Sunmi – Mr. and Mrs. M&M

I wanna see it – Don’t judge me! After all, their jams are sweet when they get together and sing!

How’d ya like this list? Be sure to share it with friends like candy and have a Happy Halloween! Oh yeah – and don’t forget your mask! 😉


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