Why P1Harmony Is The Best Thing To Happen This 2020 [INTERVIEW]

If you haven’t seen the headlines yet, P1Harmony is the newest (and probably baddest) boy group in town who are making a statement for their debut as K-Pop idols. 

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_All

Hitting the ground running with their artistic teasers, P1Harmony even showcased their acting skills quite early through a pre-debut movie! The 99-minute movie, P1H: A New World Begins,’ by “Director Chang,” is set in an alternate world with each member of P1Harmony finding a hidden power that will save the world from a deadly virus (sound familiar?). 

With so much buzz surrounding their good-looks, capable talents, multi-racial member lineup, and powerful debut concept, it is no surprise the group has garnered some major popularity. 

The 6-member boy group under FNC Entertainment debuted on Oct. 28th with their song “Siren.” The group consists of members Keeho (leader), Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. Check out their debut song below if you haven’t already!

While investigating the internet to learn more about the boys, many can agree they appear to be fulfilling a role in the K-Pop scene that has been missing for quite some time – a group with a statement of being a protector. They seem to emphasize the idea of their music being a remedy to the ailments of daily life – and we can all use an extra dosage of K-Pop endorphins right about now!

So get your fill, learn more about the boys and their charms, and become a fan (if you aren’t already) of the easy-to-love P1Harmony. 

1. You are the first K-Pop group to promote a movie for a debut! Did you enjoy filming it? Do any members want to try acting in the future?

KEEHO: “Yes! It was such an amazing experience for all of us! I never knew acting and being on set could ever be this fun. I’m now focusing on my singing career but definitely, if there is another chance, I would love to continue acting.”

THEO: “The shooting was so much fun. I’m still lacking a lot, but if I have a chance, I’d like to try it.”

JIUNG:It was so much fun. I was nervous and worried because it was my first time, but the director and the staff treated me so well that I was really happy.”

INTAK: “Yes, if there is a chance I would like to film a movie again.”

SOUL:Yes I would like to.”

JONGSEOB: “It was my first time to film so everything was fun and amazing! If there is a chance in the future, I will do it.”

2. Tell us more about “Stand Out” – what is the message you want fans to think of when they watch this video?

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Jongseob

JONGSEOB: “‘Stand Out’ means to be remarkable and noticeable. It has the meaning of living our own lives and to walk out of the frame and standards that the society or the world has set.”

3. What are your favorite songs from the debut album and why?

KEEHO:I would pick our song ‘이거지 (That’s It)’ because it’s so fun! It was my first time rapping and actually writing a rap! It was so much fun and I think it came out great.”

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Keeho

THEO: “It would be ‘Siren’ since the song is powerful and exciting.”

JIUNG: “‘Intro – 틀 (Breakthrough)’ I got attached to it since we all wrote the lyrics for the song and it shows our aspirations from the beginning well.”

4. From the teasers, the boy group seems to have a rough and rebellious feeling. Is there a concept the members want to try in the future or do you enjoy this kind of style most?

KEEHO: “I love this concept on us a lot actually, but maybe in the far future we could try different concepts.”

JIUNG: “I like the current style but I would also like to try different styles. I personally want to try an exciting song that would make the audience want to join us on stage.”

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Jiwoong

JONGSEOB: “I like the style that we have right now but I would like to try different genres. Perhaps songs with a retro mood?”

5. Can each of you talk about your charming qualities?

KEEHO: “I have really long arms and legs… Also, I have a small folded eyelid on only one of my eyes. Last but not least, I would say my vocal tone.”

THEO: “I have somewhat contrasting and unexpected charms.” (Guess we have to wait and discover these traits, hmm?)

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Teo

JIUNG : “I think my charming point would be my carefulness, calmness and the fact that I could also be excited and cute at the same time.”

INTAK: “My eyes and my bright smile~”

SOUL: “I think the gap between myself on stage dancing and when I’m not is my charming point.”

JONGSEOB: “I believe that my rap skills and my eyes are charming.”

6. What is a current song each member enjoys listening to these days?

KEEHO: “John LegendU Move, I Move.‘”
THEO: Han Yo Han – ‘400km.'”
JIUNG: “I’m into new jack swing songs these days. I listen to a lot of KIRIN’s songs.”
INTAK: “‘Siren.'”
SOUL: The ‘Wrong or Right’ EP.”
JONGSEOB: Billie Eilish – ‘No Time To Die.‘”

7. What are your own roles in the dorm? Is there a mother figure we should know about?

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Intak

KEEHO: “I make a mess…with my clothes.”
THEO: “I’m the Alarm.”
JIUNG: “I tend to nag a lot.”
INTAK: “Sleepyhead.”
SOUL:I do not really have a specific role in the dorm.”
JONGSEOB: “Like Soul, we all take turns with chores such as cleaning and I tend to sleep the most.”

8. What do you do when you feel nervous?

KEEHO: “I like to shake my whole body limb by limb and pray.”

THEO: “I act as if I’m not nervous! Then, eventually, I do not feel nervous anymore.”

INTAK: “Self-hypnosis and mind control (example. I’m cool, I can do it, and I’m the best).” *Note, when Korean’s say mind control they mean they will control and relax their own mind – not others!*

9. What is your favorite song to always sing in Karaoke?

KEEHO: “I have a couple but my go to song is ‘If I Ain’t got you’ by Alicia Keys and ‘All I Ask’ by Adele.”

THEO:Lim Chang Jung – ‘A shot of Soju.'”

JIUNG: “I usually sing songs from the top charts. I used to sing CNBLUE’s ‘Loner’ for sure before.”

10. Any words you’d like to say to your loving new fans?

★P1H_1ST MINI_자켓포스터_컨셉1_Soul

KEEHO: “Hello, Kpopstarz fans! Thank you for reading our interview! We have so much in store for you guys so I hope you guys keep an eye out for us! To the people who have been supporting and loving us, we love you guys and we will always work hard to be our best!”

THEO: “We will continue working hard. Please give us lots of love.”

JIUNG: “We, P1Harmony, will be showing you more as we progress and develop so please pay attention and keep an eye on us! Thank you!”

INTAK: “We love you all, Thank you. We are excited to be with you all.”

SOUL: “Please continue to look forward to and support us! Thank you.”

JONGSEOB:Kpopstarz fans! Let’s make more awesome and diverse harmonies with P1Harmony! We love you all.”

There you have it – a wonderful time learning more about the friendly new boy group P1Harmony! The boys still have lots in store for fans this year so keep checking our site and stay tuned for more updates from FNC Ent. and P1Harmony! Don’t forget to support the artists by watching their debut stage~

Thanks to MPE for the support and interview. Don’t forget to check out our previous interview with the company here. 

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