News of First Kazakhstan K-Pop Idol Stirs The Web

It seems more and more international trainees are appearing and making their debut into the K-Pop scene!

First, Alex of BP Rania was setting news outlets and music programs ablaze, then Black Swan’s (the remade version of RaNia) member Fatou, now SG Entertainment’s newest trainee Aiganym (whose name means child of the mean in her native language) is garnering major attention with headlines across multiple Korean news outlets.

On November 10th, SG Entertainment revealed a teaser of their upcoming girl group and announced that a new trainee would join the group. They also released a dance cover for CL’s “Lifted.” Check it out below and see how talented these trainees really are!

Now, how about showing this company and their upcoming girl group some love by following them on social media! Check out other articles about the company and its artists here!

How do you feel about non-Koreans performing as K-Pop artists! Drop a comment down below and play nice~


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