Seungmin Is The ‘Twist King’ of Korean Trot Music [INTERVIEW]

If you haven’t heard of Korean Trot but are a lover of K-Pop, now is your chance to get acquainted. 

The antiquated genre that is very popular among the elder generation of Korea, has taken viewers by storm ever since the hit show ‘Mister Trot.’ Now, rising stars like Seungmin are taking the stage and breathing life back into this cultural music style for the youth of our generation.

Recently releasing his first album with title track “Twist King,” Seungmin of ShowPLAY Entertainment sat down for an exclusive interview with us! Seungmin highlights his thoughts on his first album and the future success he hopes to achieve! Check out his fun-filled interview, alongside his MV, down below!

Seungmin originally replied in Korean so viewers can read the translated version as well as the Korean version below!

1. Can you tell us about the new album? Is there a song you recommend to fans, like ‘Twist King’?

(새 앨범에 대해 알려주시겠습니까추천하는 노래가 있습니까?)

“This is the first album that I released with my current agency ShowPLAY Entertainment. The retro concept keeps with the current trend and the emotions suit my age now that I’m 19 years old.” (Can you believe his age??).


“Although there are many good songs by other singers, I would like to recommend ‘If You Keep Walking’ in this album. Besides Trot, there are many other genres I want to try, and one of them was this ballad. It’s a new challenge, but I think it suited me well. I was proud that the company and people around me liked it as much as “Twist King” (The title song). I think it’s a song that would pair really well as a historical drama OST.”

“이번 앨범은 지금의 소속사 ‘쇼플레이 엔터테인먼트’에 와서 처음으로 발매 하게 된 앨범입니다. 레트로라는 현재의 트렌드도 따라가면서 19살이라는 지금 저의 나이에도 잘 맞는 감성을 느끼 실 수 있을거라 생각됩니다. 추천곡은 다른 가수분들의 좋은 노래들이 참 많긴 하지만 이번 앨범에 수록되어 있는 ‘걷다 보면(If You Keep Walking)’을 추천하고 싶습니다. 트로트외에도 도전 해 보고 싶은 장르가 많은데 그 중 하나가 이런 오리엔탈 발라드였습니다. 새로운 도전이지만 저와도 잘 어울렸던 것 같고 회사 직원분들이나 주위분들도 타이틀곡 못지 않게 좋아 해 주셔서 더 뿌듯했습니다. 음악에 들어간 해금소리도 정말 마음에 들었습니다. 사극에 OST로 정말 잘 어울 릴 것 같은 노래라고 생각합니다.”

2. Is there any artist you want to perform with?

(함께 공연하고 싶은 아티스트가 있나요?)

“It’s a big dream for me, but I want to perform alongside of Na Hoon-ah, who I respect the most. I have dreamed of becoming a Trot singer after watching Na Hoon-ah, and I went to his concerts the most! This is my biggest dream. I would be honored to have a chance to sing with Na Hoon-ah.”

“저한테는 너무나 큰 꿈이지만 가장 존경하는 나훈아 선생님의 공연에 참여를 해보고싶습니다. 나훈아 선생님을 보면서 트로트가수의 꿈을 키워왔으며 콘서트도 나훈아 선생님의 콘서트를 가장 많이 가면서 제 꿈이 확고해졌습니다. 그래서 너무나 큰꿈이지만 나훈아 선생님과 해볼수 있는 기회가 있으면 영광이겠습니다.”

3. Are you a good dancer? Maybe a ‘Twist King’?

(춤을 잘 하시나요?)

“My dance teacher told me that dancing is normal/average. At first, I thought I was a bad dancer, but I think my hidden dance skills are shining a little bit. I’ll show you my dancing skills during ‘Twist King.'”

“춤은 그래도 보통이라고 제 안무선생님께서 말씀해주셨습니다. 처음에는 몸치인줄 알았는데 제 속에 숨겨진 춤 실력이 조금씩은 빛을 보고있는거같습니다. 이제 나올 트위스트킹에서 춤 실력을 보여드리겠습니다.”

4. What is a recent song you listen to?

(최근에 어떤 노래 듣나요?)

“I listen to BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ a lot these days (Who doesn’t?). I listen to Trot songs often, but I also listen to ballads too. Among ballads, I listen to Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Sadness Guide.'”

“요즘 BTS선배님들의 다이너마이트를 자주 듣습니다. 트로트도 자주 듣지만 발라드도 자주 듣습니다. 발라드중에서는 김범수 선배님의 슬픔활용법을 가장 많이 듣습니다.”

5. Do you have a song you like to sing or hear that is not trot?

(트로트가 아닌 가장 좋아하는 노래 있습니까?)

“I used to sing ballads a lot when I went to karaoke with my friends.
At that time, I sang Kim Bum Soo’s “Last Love” and “I Miss You” often.
Sohyang’s “Song of the Wind” was also one of my favorite songs by her.”

“예전에 친구들과 함께 노래방에 갈때면 발라드를 많이 부르곤 했었습니다. 그때 김범수 선배님의 ‘끝사랑’, ‘보고싶다’ 를 자주 불렀습니다. 소향 선배님의 ‘바람의노래’ 역시 애창곡중에 하나였습니다.”

6. Do you think Trot can only be popular in Korea?

(트로트가 한국에서만 인기가있을 거라고 생각하세요?)

“It may be popular only in Korea for now, but recently the program ‘Mister Trot’ popularized Trot music, creating a new Korean wave. As Trot becomes more and more globalized, I think it will become the second K-Pop fad when many foreigners feel the joys and sorrows of Trot music.”

“지금은 한국에서만 인기가 많을 수도 있지만 최근에는 미스터트롯 프로그램이 트로트를 대중화를 시키면서 한류 열풍을 일으켰습니다. 그래서 트로트가 점점 세계화가 되어가면서 많은 외국분들께서도 트로트 노래에 담긴 애환과 정서를 느끼는 순간 제2의 K-Pop이 되지않을까 생각이듭니다.”

7. What is the meaning of ‘Trot’ music to you?

(트로트는 무엇을 의미합니까?)

“A single ray of sunshine. If I didn’t know Trot, I wouldn’t have muttered a word in front of people I’ve never seen before and I wouldn’t have made good friends. But I realized my dream of becoming a Trot singer and it has become a turning point in my life, so I think it shines like the sun.”


한 줄기의 햇살같은 존재다. 만약 트로트를 몰랐다면 항상 자신감없이 처음보는 사람들 앞에서 말 한마디 못하고 친구들도 잘 사귀지 못했을 것 같습니다. 하지만 트로트가수라는 꿈을 이루며 인생의 전환점이 되었기에 햇살같은 존재라 생각하며.”

8. What was the first trot song you ever heard?

(처음 들었던 트로트 노래는 무엇입니까?)

“The first song I heard was Park Sang-cheol’s ‘Hwang Jinyi.’ It was the song that introduced me to Trot music and, naturally, I went onward with that song. It became an unforgettable song for me as I won an award for singing it at a festival as well. Also, my father used to listen to Trot while driving, so it’s was often being played.”

“박상철 선배님의 ‘황진이’ 입니다. 저의 트로트 입문 곡이였고, 자연스레  그 노래로 가요제도 나가게 되었습니다. 그 가요제에서 수상도 하게 되면서 저에게 잊을수 없는 곡이 되었습니다. 또한 평소에 아버지께서 운전하시면서 트로트를 많이 들으셔서 자연스럽게 익혀진 노래이기도 합니다.”

9.Do you have any message for your fans?

(팬들에게 전할 메시지는?)

“Thank you so much for always supporting me. I was able to stand tall and feel good because the fans were still cheering me on. As an actor, I will learn and understand many things so that I can become a well-rounded entertainer. Always take care of your health and live a life filled with song. I love you.”

“항상 부족한 저를 응원해주셔서 너무 감사드립니다.아직은 멀고도 험한 길 저희 팬분들이 계셨기 때문에 일어설 수 있었고 힘낼 수 있었습니다. 배우는 입장으로써 많은 걸 배우고 느끼고 해서 만능 엔터테이너가 될수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. 언제나 건강조심하시고 노래로 삶의 희망이 되어드리겠습니다 사랑합니다.”

Seungmin really has a way with words, right? Don’t forget to show your love and support for this wonderful artist and may his music shine down on you like a ray of sunshine!

Thanks to ShowPLAY for the time and interview with Seungmin. Stay tuned for more interviews, updates and more! If you liked this interview, please share the trendy trot songs and more with your friends!

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