K-Pop Christmas Songs No One Talks About

With just less than 10 days left until Christmas, there isn’t much time left to get into the Christmas spirit, finish off your Christmas shopping, and prepare for a quarantine Christmas (or X-MASK as they call it in Korea)!

In order to kick off this “Snowy Day” (props if you know) just right, I have assembled a Christmas playlist that is more satisfying than a hot cup of cocoa by the fireplace. Yes, everyone – it is indeed a Christmas miracle as this playlist won’t feature EXO, SNSD, and other famous K-Pop groups we see on every list. Whether the song is a wonderful hidden bop or a unique take on the Christmas spirit, check out this list of 15 songs no one talks about!

Park Ki Young – “The Christmas Time”

Ah~ “The Christmas Time.” Each year, I can’t start Christmas without listening to this song – and you should too! The song fills any listener with this endless feeling of wanting to be giving while enjoying every aspect of Christmas. From carols with friends and telling Christmas stories to romance and a night by the warmth of candles – this song envelops all these feelings with each lyric. Truly a wholesome Christmas song that shouldn’t be missed.

WASSUP – “LA Pam Pam PA”

Although WASSUP was a girl group that went under the radar despite all their efforts to stay on top with their sexually energized high-hop bops, the girls did release two (count em – TWO!!) Christmas songs! Although they were not popular, this one song has an unforgettable style because it really has more spunk and flavor for a Christmas song. The smooth chorus between transitions is what sells it for me.

Special Sketch Project – “Perfect Christmas”

We know if it weren’t for BTS’s current popularity, this unearthed song would probably still not have the number of views it has now. In an effort to resurrect it and showcase the debut style of BTS, this Christmas song is as fresh as it was when it was first released in 2014! It also features three familiar veteran artists – 2AM JoKwon, Joo Hee, and Im Jung Hee. Enjoy the simplicity of this Special Sketch Christmas Project!

LOVELYZ – “Twinkle”

The girls of Lovelyz seem to always surprise me as they release bops that just hide beneath our noses at times. This song is wondrously enchanting and the infections music box melody is charming to the point that it becomes the addicting key point of the song alongside the airy angelic vocals. However, this song’s melody is quite similar (if not 95% the same melody) to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Eyelashes.”

Woo, Keem Hyoeun, Nucksal, Huckleberry P – “I’MMA DO”

Who knew there would be so many rap songs this Christmas? Personally, I think it is a style we could use more during the holidays and these rappers ganged up to do just that – and oh, did they deliver (Like Santa)! Not only is the song lengthy and giving each rapper an awesome amount of time to spit their verse, but the unique use of a familiar Christmas melody, jingles alongside lyrics of buying a Benz for Christmas makes me want to get into the spirit of spending big time!!

Secret – “I Do, I Do”

Many old school K-Pop fans will remember Secret. The girls often bounced back and forth between cutesy and mature concepts but they brought us the innocence of love during the winter holidays through “I Do, I Do.” The songs “La la li la la li la” chanting, Christmas melody, and winter wonderland theme makes it an adorable listen and addition to any K-Pop Christmas playlist!

Sunny Hill – “Goodbye To Romance”

Sunny Hill is SUCH an underrated girl group but it didn’t stop them from releasing their own Christmas single. “Goodbye To Romance” is a charming song that describes a young woman remembering her past love at school during the holidays. It’s an easy-going song that not only has thought-provoking lyrics, but is also emotionally satisfying for the nostalgic/melancholic Christmas-goers because it isn’t all about pinning over a lover, shopping, or Christmas miracles. It’s real, authentic and a refreshing song about our pasts that should stand the test of time!

Kim Bum Soo & Lena Park – “White Winter”

Kim Bum Soo and Lena Park are two of Korea’s most famous vocalists. Although they aren’t exactly mainstream media-hyped artists, it doesn’t mean that their songs are spectacular – with this “White Winter” Christmas song being no exception! Be prepared to have your heart moved and ears blown away by these smooth power-house vocalists.

Brown Eyed Girls – “Must Have Love”

This song seems to be one of the many that are more popular among fans in Korea rather than international fans (but correct me if I’m wrong). It does have a considerable amount of views but it is not as overwhelmingly popular in comparison to other songs like Girls’ Generation’s “Dear Santa” or EXO’s “Miracles in December.” Still, it is filled with magical cheer, wonderful harmonies and familiar voices that will simply melt your heart like snow. Enjoy the recent cover here!

LABOUM – “Winter Story”

LABOUM is another cutesy girl group that released many fun songs that seem to have just been swept under the rug! “Winter Story” is another cute song that gives me Girls’ Generation vibes due to the opening chorus being a little similar to “Kissing You”. The song’s melody is quite theatrical, bright, and balances nicely with the girls’ feminine vocals.

After School – “Love Love Love”

Despite After School being a group with exuberant amounts of sex-appeal, the girls didn’t pass up the chance to release a Christmas single. The song not only offers a familiar Christmas sound that is easily enjoyed, but it is also accompanied by a “mini-drama” story-like MV that was popular to do back in the early 2000’s up until 2010! This song is such a throwback you may cry over the nostalgia rather than the lyrics.

IU’s Cover of “12월 24일” by D.ear

IU’s vocals never go unnoticed and she can bring popularity to any song. Her enjoyable cover of D.ear’s “24th Day of December” is remarkably well-done and can easily have anyone digging into a YouTube hole for other covers and older K-Pop Christmas goodies!

DSP’s – “White” (Kara, Rainbow, A-Jaxx, Oh Jong Hyuk)

During a time where every top company gathered their artists together to release a Christmas hit for the year (think JYP Christmas), DPS media also rounded up their best artists to release the heart-warming track “White.” The song is a cradle of different melodies as it opens up with the recognizable beat of “Feliz Navidad” while evolving into its own synthetic, flurry-like melody filled with soft vocals and twinkling sounds.

Younha – “It’s Okay”

Like Sunny Hill, Younha, a pretty popular solo-artist in Korea, went for the more sentimental and emotional approach with “It’s Okay,” a sad winter song that talks of love gone by at the end of the year. Like snow falling on the ground, our emotions build-up, and then like snow it Spring, it all melts away. Younha’s charming winter-forest MV, touching lyrics, and the simple choir accompanied melody will definitely trigger those heartbroken Christmas lovers.

Wonder Girls – “Best Christmas Ever”

The Wonder Girls are another girl group that couldn’t resist the temptation of making a Christmas single! If being a part of JYP’s company Christmas songs weren’t enough, the 5 girls come at you with “Best Christmas Ever.” This song is full of energy, charm and has a very old-school K-Pop sound due to the blend between great chorus lines and often oddly-placed raps. Still, the song truly does make any listener feel like it is the “Best Christmas Ever.” Plus, it is in English!

Looking for more holiday fun to share?

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How about this playlist – did any of these songs surprise you or were there some you already knew about on this list? If so, you’re a real K-Pop veteran! Don’t forget to share the Christmas joy with your friends and family by introducing the magic of K-Pop Chridtmas songs, too! K-Pop isn’t just all cute boys and sexy stage outfits… right? Happy Merry Days~♡

Bonus content : This is a “K-Pop” song (notice the quotes) NO ONE should talk about … click if you dare!

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