BTS Suga’s Virtual Appearance at 2020’s MAMA Awards Leave Fans in Tears

Ah~ the 2020 MAMA awards was quite the spectacular event this year. The virtual concert offered up a more pleasing and engaging experience as the advancement of VR effects alongside our favorite idols left us all in awe! 

Despite the issues arising from the global pandemic, the beautiful power of VR technology, rendering, and more has become even more better equipped to produce glorious stages and magical moments for fans missing their K-Pop idols’ special stages. Companies like VIVESTUDIOS, based in Seoul, continue to improve this new found experience.


As many can recall, BTS’ Suga was absent from the performance and ceremony due to receiving shoulder surgery. However, no one could expect what would happen next! The word being thrown around right now in Korea is “Summoned” as VIVESTUDIOS successfully generated a perfectly rendered version of BTS’ Suga to appear on stage! Like an immortal angel descending from the heavens onto this hopelessly shattered Earth, Suga sang “Life Goes On” alongside his members and brought endless joy and inspiration to fans.

Don’t wait another second to watch this transcending performance for the first time (or 200th time) if you haven’t already.

VIVESTUDIOS successfully implemented the XR stage and created a mix of real-time features and real-time graphics in order to produce a controlled indoor space. It is possible to alter and project a larger scale of desired visuals and shapes due to the graphic strength compared to actual specifications of said objects.  With this concept, many unimaginable effects are rendered as the visuals for a majority of the stages (from real-time fireworks to dazzling stage designs and realistic color and texture attributions). Still, nothing topped the insane level of quality this human-like visual of Suga offered. It truly was like he was summoned to the stage!

Fans commented, “As soon as Suga appeared, I can’t help but cry,” and “I’m going through a tough time with the pandemic now, but still life goes on with this song.”


Notably after that, viewers continued to praise VIVESTUDIOS due to the amazing transition of altering color and life back into the grayed-out world that opened up the stage setting. Accompanied by the lyrics of the song, the moment color flushed over the world surrounding BTS made it one of the most impactful and spine-tingling sensations to ever experience. It is no wonder people were completely moved by the imagery.

However, VIVESTUDIOS isn’t stopping just there! In a recent documentary titled ‘Meet You’ VIVESTUDIOS received a great response from viewers as they showed digital humans in the program. The company’s focus  is to create digital human content using various new technologies based on this similar performance experience. VIVESTUDIOS continues to develop new reaches as the company is developing a digital human production platform based on artificial intelligence since May of 2020. They continue to study and practice with the concept of “Volume Matrix,” – technology used for capturing and rendering 3D objects in real time with multiple cameras covering 360 degrees creating live-action-based stereoscopic images into existence (basically more BTS clones!).


Due to the advancements of VIVESTUDIOS, fans can expect more real-time graphics, visuals and an overall constantly evolving experience that will change not only the way K-Pop lovers enjoy virtual concerts but also the future of virtual reality as a whole.

What do you think of the power of VR and the way Korea has raised the bar with virtual concert experiences? The future looks even brighter, right? Share your comments and thoughts below!

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