Lim Ji Soo Shares Life As A K-Pop Solo Artist After ‘Vocal Play’ [INTERVIEW]

As we welcome in the new year of 2021, K-Pop fans can also usher in the debuts of new idols as well. But just who will capture our attention next? 

While news of many debuting idols has yet to be announced (but keep your eyes open for upcoming posts!), there is one unique solo artist whose long-awaited debut is finally coming to life in 2021 – perhaps it will absolutely be her lucky year!

Lim Jisoo, a talented vocalist who provided her voice for various drama OSTs and made a spectacular appearance on ‘Vocal Play Season 2,’ Now, with the debut of her newest single “Monologue,” Jisoo plans to bring her pleasant musical style to the K-Pop scene alongside this exclusive interview! 

Q1. For your new fans, can you introduce yourself and your newest single ‘Monologue’?

“Hello everyone, this is Jisoo Lim. Some of you may have seen me on the Korean TV show called “Vocal Play Season II” as a student of Berklee College of Music. Now, I’m so glad to be here not as a student anymore, but as an artist, with my newly released first Debut Single ‘Monologue’!!! (Yay ;)) This song delivers a message about comforting yourself after the pain of the breakup.”

Q2. When you first heard ‘Monologue’ what emotions did you feel? What feelings do you want fans to feel when listening to this song?

“When I first heard this song, I felt so sad. The chorus part in English means, ‘It is okay to be painful, It is okay to get hurt, that means you loved him(or her) that much, don’t try to hide your tears, don’t be afraid to say goodbye, it is okay.’ The attractive part of this song is that ‘It’s okay’ keeps repeating from the beginning till the end. So I hope when you finish listening to this song, you’ll actually feel ‘Okay.’ I also hope this song brings comfort and peace to all of my listeners, even though it is a sad song after break up.”

Q3. You have experience singing OSTS – do you ever want to try mainstream pop-music like certain idols?

“Yes, I’m always open to try new music such as mainstream pop music. I had some chances to sing OSTs before my debut album and I found out that they are all songs with only English in it. Although I’m Korean, and although all of my OSTs were from K-dramas, they were actually all pop-music. I love them so much. So if there are chances to try mainstream pop songs, of course, I will try – why not?!”

Q4. What kind of music or concept do you want to try in the future?

“I love all kinds of music, so I really want to try them all if it’s possible, such as hip-hop R&B, Neo Soul, electronic, Funk, Rock, jazz, and so on. I don’t want to limit myself already as an artist with just one genre. I’ve just started my music career as an artist, so I want to challenge myself more and more as I move on.”

Q5. What do you think about the success of idols like BTS or Black Pink in other countries?

“In my opinion, I felt that it is not easy to get respect as a foreigner in other countries. When I lived in two different countries when I was younger, China and the United States, everything was not easy. Culture and languages, everything is different. But look how powerful they are. They are one of the biggest K-pop groups internationally. I feel so proud of them as a Korean.”

Q6. Have you ever wanted to join a group?

“Yes – not much, but sometimes. In my opinion, a group may have more options for themselves to develop much faster and easier, and when they have hard times, they can support each other and it’s better to overcome it. As a group, songs would have nice harmonization with different kinds of voices which will be so attractive as well.”

Q7. Being a solo artist is quite hard. What are some hardships you faced?

“When you’re waiting behind the stage or somewhere alone as a solo artist, it might be lonely rather than a group having fun with each other while waiting. If I have to decide everything on my own, that might be stressful. Standing alone on the stage might look emptier than the stage full of members.”

Q8. Groups like EXID shared that they feel lonely or lacking talent on stage without their members. Do you ever feel this way when alone on stage?

“I don’t really feel alone on stage because music is there for me! I was alone on the TV Show “Vocal Play Season 2.” I was the only student from Berklee. I think I already got used to singing solo. When I feel like I’m lacking talent on stage or thinking that I’m not good enough, I try to make it as one of my missions that I have to keep working hard and survive through it completely with that fear. I believe one day I’ll overcome everything and be brave!”

Q9. Do you have a goal for 2021 we can expect?

“Debuting with “Monologue” is a great start to my music journey. I hope this song makes a great start to 2021 for my listeners, too. Now I’m under the label Warner Music Korea and I wish I can release albums non-stop and to be able to collaborate with Warner Music artists such as Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Sia, Coldplay, Charlie Puth, Anne Marie, and so on. I also want to go on tour to meet all of my lovely fans.”

Q10. Leave a message for your fans~

“To all my fans,
Thank you all for always believing in me and being the best supporters I could’ve ever asked for.
I am so thankful and excited to run through 2021, and my musical journey, with all of you.
I’ll try my best to bring the best to all of you, I never take all your love for granted.
I’ll always remember where I started from, and how I got to where I’m today.
Please stay happy and healthy! Love you, God bless you, all.”

What do you think of this lovely new artist? Lim Jisoo’s attractive personality, alongside her ambition, not only shines through in this interview but her outstanding voice is also memorable and will be something to continue looking out for! 

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