Fans Disturbed By The Late Goo Hara’s Hacked SNS Accounts + Posts

Over the years, we have lost many great and beloved artists in K-Pop history. Despite the personal SNS accounts of certain idols become a place of memories and a memorial to their history, anti-fans and malicious hackers continue to attack these late idols. 


It was recently discovered that the deceased member of the hit girl group KARA’s Goo Hara had her Twitter account hacked. On January 22nd at 6:15pm KST an odd message was posted on the idol’s Twitter reading, “123 … yiz9d,” feeling like an odd encrypted code of some sort. With some fans oddly believing it was a “message from heaven,” other fans had enough realistic sense to understand the account was being hacked and is being used to post odd things or leave links.


Fans of the darling idol left messages and responses immediately saying, “Show Respect..,” and “This account was hacked and needs to be reported to Twitter!” While some fans reported to Twitter, other fans even felt so scared that they had goosebumps when they suddenly saw a tweet coming from a late idol and tried to ignore it. Check out some of the fan comments below!

Shockingly, this was revealed to not even be the first time! While the last tweets and promotional photos from Goo Hara’s “Midnight” promotions in Japan seem to be the only genuine messages created and left by her, fans worry if more disturbing messages will follow through or if older, precious ones may be erased. Others even speculated someone close to Goo Hara accessed the account and is leaving “clues” to an “unsolved mystery.


Whatever the case may be, people need to show respect to Goo Hara and other late idols by seriously letting them rest in past and no longer causing further damage to their remaining image and memories. Similar to Instagram, accounts like these should be memorialized and taken into consideration for providing more safety measures to ensure account stability for fans and loved ones of the deceased.

What do you think of these disturbing messages and the idea of late idols having their SNS hacked? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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