This Korean Gay Webtoon Will Be 2021’s Most Anticipated Drama

 With the amount of love and popularity shown for Korean webtoons that are transforming into live action dramas, fans can expect to see even more unique concepts leaping off the pages and onto our screens in 2021!

Now, the most recent webtoon creating a buzz on the internet is “To My Star” (나의 별에게) a BL Webtoon (BL “Boy Love” which means Gay romance and also referred to as Yaoi in and outside of Japan) which released its first episode online on January, 22nd! Check out the overwhelmingly sweet and romantic trailer down below! (It will really leave you on edge~)

“To My Star” is a heartwarming drama and webtoon about the heart-racing romance between the charming and charismatic actor Kang Seo-jun (played by Son Woo-hyun) and Han Ji-woo (played by Kang-min Kim) a handsome and diligent chef with a dream. The two share their love eagerly throughout the show and their feelings feel genuine as their quirky antics make each viewers’ heart race.

From the warm and tender scenes, to the silly and bashful actions, the two actors successfully reveal the romance hidden within the hearts of these two lovable characters. The drama has continued to pop-up around Korean news sites and many are anticipating a captivating storyline to enjoy! Check out the first episode here if you haven’t already! 


If you don’t know, “To My Star” was created by the production team of Hwang Da-seul, who was responsible for the release of  “Where Your Eye’s Linger,” Korea’s first BL web drama that came out during the summer of 2020 and ranked first in the drama category abroad. With the success of “Where Your Eyes Linger” and “To My Star” paving the way, it seems that the future of BL and gay-oriented dramas will continue to flourish in Korea and be enjoyed abroad.

Let’s hope the public receives it well and that more BL dramas can properly depict the lives and characters of gay people in Korea while also escaping the tropes and exploring the originality of the community. What do you think of the drama? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to follow the site and stay tuned for an upcoming interview!


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