Choi Siwon’s Instagram Live Leaves Fan Overjoyed Because of This Message

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently held an Instagram Live webinar to show love to his fans but, most importantly, discuss the beauty of UNICEF’s latest project – The Kindness Leaders Project of South East Asia.

During the stream, Siwon spoke with the representatives while also answering questions for his fans. Siwon remarked on the difficulties of cyber bullying and the importance of self-care by utilizing love and empathy. Siwon said, “Cyber bullying is a problem we cannot easily escape because it is 24/7.” However, we can stop it!


Siwon continued to promote the idea of Kindness Leaders in order to create a new culture group that prides itself on the long-term mission of using empathy and kindness as a support for the worlds global issues. Siwon, alongside his long time sponsor UNICEF, used this platform as an outreach with the younger generations, as well as directing the older generation, in order to establish unity among his fans and Instagram users. The video is available to watch on Siwon’s Instagram Here!

In honor of Black History Month, Choi Siwon also quoted he beloved and familiar Martin Luther King by saying “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Empathy takes strength and courage and cannot be done easily but leaders can show sensitivity and still be strong by acting through good intentions. Alongside Siwon’s charming smile, no better words could have been said to conclude this webinar.


What did you think of the webinar and Siwon’s wonderful actions towards the cyber community? Share your love in the comments down below and check out Siwon’s page for future support.


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