Marvel Reveals New Korean Super Hero

With K-Pop continuing to become more main stream and boosting Korea’s place on the map, the widespread recognition of Asians in the media is only becoming stronger and stronger.

Now, Marvel Comics have shown their support for representing Korea with their very own super hero – Taegukgi. The name Taegukgi (대국이) means “A great nation” and represents the Korean national flag (hence Taegukgi’s super hero ensemble). With a superiorly form fitting white outfit, the, hopefully latex, one piece features the bold and familiar red and blue circle centered on the Korean flag alongside the 4 tri-grams known as Gwae () that represent the separation of Yin and Yang.


The character is rough and bold in appearance sporting a serious and stern demeanor which complements his overwhelming strength.  Aside from the character, his appearance in the story is a unique one. Following the lore,  in this week’s upcoming Taskmaster #3, the villain finds himself in South Korea in an effort to clear his name. However, Taskmaster will encounter not only White Fox but will team-up with the new hero to fight against a death cult.

But this isn’t the only Korean super hero known to have graced the comic book world. Cindy Moon, one of Spider man’s female counterparts, was web-slinging into action for quite some time under the guise of “Silk.

According to, “The publisher has also more recently introduced Luna Snow, a Korean pop singer with the powers to control and manipulate ice, Crescent, who controls a spirit bear with an enchanted mask, as well as White Fox, a shapeshifter (she can transform into a nine-tailed fox) who originally debuted in a Korean Avengers webtoon. All four heroes recently appeared in Marvel’s Agent of Atlas series.”

What do you think of all these amazing Korean super heroes being added into the Marvel Universe? Share your love and support for the characters in the comments down below!

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