11 Sexy K-Pop Songs That’ll Make Your Bed Squeak

It’s Valentine Day! Whoo ~hoo~ A special day for couples all around the world. If you’re lucky enough to be in any form of a relationship or simply snagged someone special just for this day, then this moody playlist will really get things… going!

Now, when we first think of K-Pop songs, bed squeaking and other more kind of intensive exercises rarely come to mind. However, it does not mean that the K-Pop world is free of this kind of music and artists willing to make expressive songs just for these occasions! If you’re 18+ enjoy this spicy read – otherwise, bookmark it in your playlist for your eagerly awaited future.

1. NCT 127 – “My Baby Don’t Like It”

To be frank, the inspiration of this entire playlist started because of this song! Being a NCT fan since debut (major Jaehyun, Haechan and Taeyong stan here~) this song is one of their side tracks I never anticipated to fall so hard in love for! From beginning to end, the boys are definitely “Doing something to me.” The whistling and echoed beats alongside these strong deep vocals paired with some well-mixed English lyrics (and THE BED SQUEAKING) just sold me as the song I need to make a baby to. There – I said it! NCT = Panty Droppers.

2. Jay Park – “You Know”

Honestly, can you have a panty dropper playlist without Jay Park? Not only is he just smoking hot, his music is simply made to get down to – and not just on the dance floor. Although Jay Park has made countless hits that spark the imagination, there is something about the slow and steady beats flowing alongside Jay Park’s sexy smooth vocals. It has a song that is all about gettin’ nasty.

3. Kai – “Mmmh”

If the amazing visuals of Kai alone weren’t enough to have you swooning, his hypnotizing song and melodic “Mmm hmm” that hums in your ear will be enough to do the trick. The song has a mesmerizing way of making the listener feel beautiful and desired. Alongside the tasteful lyrics, the instrumental has a rhythm you can’t resist moving your body to. When you mix sexually appealing melodies with someone as enticing as Kai, let’s just say magic is going to happen!

4. Ga In – “FXXK U”

When the song “FXXK U” was first released, Ga In was already pushing the limits and breaking the barriers with her intensely sexual concepts. There was a moment where Ga In was ALL we could talk about. Now, looking back, I feel like I can’t resist being shocked and having my jaw drop to the floor again. We have to talk about the utterly scandalous MV again. Simply because this song is not only oozing sex appeal with its Latin inspired instrumental and hypnotic cooing but the MV alone is blatantly full of sexual energy. I’m surprised it isn’t blocked and rated 19+ in Korea… Either way, it is undeniably a baby making track.

5. San E – “Body Language”

To put it simply, “Body Language” is a song MANY K-Pop fans are sleeping on. The song is an absolute bop that completely toys around with the concept of fantasies and role play. Alongside this, the lyrics do not beat around the bush as San E celebrates the beauty and curves of a irresistible body that is tempting us to be a little more naughty with our body chemistry. What really gets listeners going is the female vocals that echo “Stronger, Faster” as San E raps intensify side by side. The balance and flow between the rapping and addictive voice of San E alone is enough to make anyone feel hot and ready~

6. RaNia – “DR Feel Good”

Like Ga In’s many outlandish concepts, this is another old song that cannot be simply forgotten. “DR. Feel Good” was the original RaNia’s debut song and boy was it a debut. Not only was the dance routine deemed beyond risque, the lyrics alone were enough to send people into a state of temptation. From referring to their Dr. Feel Good as a drug they can’t get enough of and wanting to be strapped down into their chairs for more, the song is undoubtedly an S&M dream track. RaNia definitely owned this concept and will help you dominate the night life, too!

7. Bloo – “Hennessey”

While Bloo is a bit of a controversy at the moment, we can’t deny that this song “Hennessey” is a typical trap song in the club that starts up the rush of emotions before you let the alcohol and music take control and just go with the flow. The song is addictive due to its repetitive melody and really brings back those nights of just being a free-spirit at the bars. There is a style for everyone and “Hennessey” sets the mood without a doubt.

8. Hyolyn – “Dally”

Hyolyn’s solo debut outside of SISTAR was an absolute shock but boy did she deliver a HELL of a dance routine with “Dally!” The video alone is completely stunning an exuding great energy and sex appeal that is reminiscent of Ciera and Janet Jackson – who are known for their sexually stirring and arousing tracks and dance moves. If you’re not getting frisky to this song, you’ll at least be attracting all the eyes on you just by shaking your hips to this beat alone! Do the choreography at your own risk in public!

9. Jay Park – Mommae

It simply cannot be denied – Jay Park is the king of baby making tracks, Valentine’s Day or not! While earlier his slow and grind-worthy beats from “You Know” where enough to get our knickers in a twist, “Mommae” is the song that comes on and makes us all turn into a naughty, nasty freak on the dance floor. This song could play in a clothing store and your cheeks couldn’t resist shaking and twerking to this beat (True story). If I had to point a finger to a Chris Brown or Trey Songz of K-Pop, Jay Park is my first choice.

10. BUMKEY – “Bad Girl”

While it is great to get all fun and freaky to an upbeat club song, sometimes we need a smooth-paced song like “Bad Girl” that simply builds up the tension between two lovers. BUMKEY continues to be the man to set the tone when it comes to these relaxed and leisure tracks. If you haven’t already noticed, BUMKEY already lent his vocals to two of the tracks listed before thus proving he is sought after due to his irresistible vocals and moody way with words. BUMKEY is absolutely charming and that in itself is a sex appeal we can all feel intoxicated by. Plus, BUMKEY calling us “Bad Girls” helps~

11. Simon D – “Lonely Night”

Now this is definitely an old song FEW veterans would even be aware of it. An absolute oldie but a goodie, Simon D has never failed to leave us feeling woo’d by his deep voice and hit tracks. “Lonely Night” is one of the songs that really draws a simple narrative for Valentine’s Day’s lovers who seem to be united by chance. The enchanting piano melody paired with the fine-tuned chorus of “Oh Ohh, Lonely Night” easily draws out that narrative of “Hey, it’s just us two – why not make it special.” It could just be me, but this song oozes early 2000’s baby making music. Half of you reading this were probably born to a track like this so respect your elders and give Simon D a listen! Also, side thought, but Simon D’s self-named song “Simon Dominic” would be a great track to make love to specifically with Simon D due to just how vain the experience would be! Tea spilt.


PSY – “Gentleman”

Simply because he’s “gunna make you wet – WET PSY!” Not only is PSY’s “Gentleman” a pun-filled song due to the chorus “Mother Father Gentleman,” but it is also filled with some sexy dance moves. Just look at those hips sway! Imagine the things he could do. If you’re into ahjusshis, then this song will completely satisfy your fantasies. Enjoy~ 😉

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day now? If you happen to pick a song just for the night, don’t let us know in the comments (just joking – maybe!). In need of more songs or another playlist? Check out our romantic K-Pop playlists down below!

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Without a doubt, there are MANY more K-Pop songs that can make a room steamy and leave us yearning for more, so if you have any in mind don’t forget to share it with us and this list with your friends!

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