ColorTheBen Makes Rappers ‘Green’ With Envy With New Album + Showcase

If you’re looking to escape the main stream hype for a minute and dive into more new underground Hip-Hop sounds in Korea, then ColorTheBen should be the next artist to add to your playlist. 

Debuting just recently, the up and coming Korean Hip Hop artist ColorTheBen held his showcase performance of “High Livin’,” from his uniquely titled album ‘Green.’ The reason why this artist is such a unique individual is due to the concept that ColorTheBen is an artist who creates music based on colors. In “High Livin’,” his second single from his albumGreen,‘ the song expresses the profound idea of expanding the mind and each of his projects have had a corresponding color theme that have deep meaning for the artist and his life. In hisBlue’ album ColorTheBen conveys a cool, laid back emotional flair where as in ‘Green’ he expresses his feelings of emptiness and open-mindedness through a twisted melody and melancholic lyrics. Check out some of his deep vibes in his latest MV release from the ‘Green’ album. 

His performance showcase, filmed at Studio Carre, highlights his deep tone and atmospheric vibes that can easily come alive on stage and impress any crowd.. The famous studio location of Studio Carre is also known for recently hosted Big Hit Entertainment’s Hip Hop audition, Hit It 8. Does it look familiar?  It is a multi-functional space for creators to turn dreams for their content into reality – just like BTS! 

Take a minute to stop and enjoy the carefree performance paired with freeing lyrics by ColorTheBen down below.

What did you think of ColorTheBen’s refreshing style and overall Hip Hop sense? A lot of artists are emerging into the scene as more and more interest towards Hip Hop music and culture continues to grow in Korea. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to keep a look out for the next big artist who will dominate the K-Pop scene and maybe even revitalize the Hip Hop scene as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about ColorTheBen, check out his latest interview here and do not forget to click the links for his music and social media!

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